Do you know, that in 2020, approximately 55.5 million metric tons (Mt) of e-waste was generated, or 7.5 kg per person? Most electronic items contain lead, sulphuric acid, and beryllium that harm the environment once they are disposed of. The toxins released can mix with the air and water that pollute the environment and are also harmful to the plants and animals around.

Purchasing refurbished products can significantly reduce the impact on the environment. These products are better for the planet so when you purchase a refurbished product, you help in extending the lifetime of this product and reduces electronic waste.

Amazon Renewedis a one-stop destination for you to buy quality refurbished selection across products like smartphones, computers, kitchen appliances, headphones and more products that are backed by 6 Months Seller Warranty.

For a greener Earth

Every small step taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the Earth is important for sustainability. This includes the way we use and dispose our gadgets. Instead of buying new devices every time your old one stops working, refurbished products limit unnecessary wastage by producing the same output as new ones.

Coupled with a guaranteed warranty issued provided by our Amazon Renewed sellers, you can acquire the confidence of using electronic devices that are as good as new and will prevent burning a hole in your pocket. These are unused or mildly used products, which are refurbished by Amazon-qualified suppliers to fully working condition.

Just like buying a new product, replacement and 6 to 12-month warranty are available on refurbished products on Amazon Renewed. We issue the same warranty and repair or replacement policies giving you the full purchasing experience. The difference lies in the reduced pricing and our extended contribution to sustainable living.

Why should you choose Amazon Renewed?

The hype around electronic products often surges during the festive season owing to a noticeable rise in sales but with Amazon Renewed, customers can avail great deals on refurbished electronics in India, all through the year instead.

Every product that is part of this platform is thoroughly inspected by qualified suppliers to ensure it is in complete working condition before it is sold to customers. Although Amazon renewed products might not come in their original packaging, we ensure that you receive all the accessories intact with your purchase. You should choose Amazon Renewed because of

a) High-Quality Refurbished Products

b) Great Prices

c) Back by a 6-month seller warranty

d) Better for the planet

What can you purchase on Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed eliminates the need to avail EMI offers to buy your favourite products. With the waiting time reduced, you can get the latest launches at your doorstep by saving up to 50% on the purchase amount.

Currently, this program enables the purchase of renewed products from top brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Dell, & HP, to name a few. You can shop from Laptops, Mobiles, Headphones, Speakers, Kitchen Appliances, and other categories. All the products are professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned to work like new by the seller, which may have a few visible signs of earlier use.

Choose the greener path during Earth Week by purchasing from the Amazon Renewed program and educating the people around you about the impact of discarded electronics on the environment. You can be a changemaker by using refurbished electronics from today.