At Amazon, we value qualities like leadership, commitment, and passion. These qualities are embodied by the many military veterans who work across our businesses. These former officers possess a unique ability to think big and act quickly, making them valuable to Amazon's fast-paced culture. Their unwavering dedication and strong sense of duty align perfectly with Amazon's customer-centric approach, where raising the bar in everything you do is a priority. 

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Recognising the significance of supporting and empowering military veterans during their transition to the corporate world, Amazon established a global affinity group called Warriors@Amazon. This employee community acts as a platform for collaboration, networking, and providing essential support.

Amazon has also forged strategic partnerships with multiple government organisations to ensure continued support for military veterans. These collaborations allow Amazon to tap into the remarkable talent pool within the armed forces, expanding the company's engagement in hiring veterans with exceptional skills and expertise. A dedicated Military Talent Pool website serves as a gateway for veterans to explore meaningful career paths and pursue rewarding roles at Amazon.

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Read on to know how these military veterans raise the bar at Amazon through their remarkable contributions.

Razzaque Adil:

An embodiment of precision and dedication

Military Veterans at Amazon

Razzaque Adil joined Amazon in October 2022 as an Operations Manger. He is now responsible for overseeing the operations of the Repeat Defect Reduction (RDR) team.

A distinguished veteran with 21 years of service in the Indian army, he brings a wealth of experience and leadership qualities to his role at Amazon. He has served in various terrains and positions, including commanding an infantry battalion on the line of control. Razzaque had been part of elite international forces like the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

At Amazon, I felt I could easily fit into an organisation that encourages its employees to work hard, have fun, and make history.
Razzaque Adil
Operations Manager, Last Mile Delivery and Tech, Amazon India

In his current role, Razzaque recognises that speed and precision—qualities that the army instilled in him year ago—are key to success for his role in operations. His military background has equipped him with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in Amazon's fast-paced and dynamic environment. The transition from the army to Amazon was seamless for him, as the principles of handling large teams, meeting time-based goals, and prioritising the team's interests above one's own were already well ingrained in his leadership style.

Anshuman Srivastava:

The brave heart with a deep bias for action

Military Veterans at Amazon

Anshuman Srivastava—a veteran with 21 years of service in the Indian army—has a remarkable story of resilience and determination. Throughout his military career, he was actively involved in various operations.

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Srivastava sustained a gunshot injury on his left shoulder during an encounter with a militia group in the North East. The army recognised him as a battle casualty with 50% limb disability. Undeterred by this physical setback, he joined Amazon in November 2020 as a Senior Program Manager, leveraging his extensive background in supply chain and logistics.

His greatest strengths are his deep sense of ownership, bias for action, and discipline. These qualities have served him well in his current role as an Inbound Operations Manager at Amazon India.

Abhishek Tiwari:

On a quest for new challenges

Military Veterans at Amazon

Abhishek Tiwari served in the Indian navy for 12 years, from 2007 to 2019. During his service, he participated in several security operations, multi-national exercises, and diplomatic missions in the Indian Ocean region. He was chosen for commendation twice: once for successfully undertaking an anti-poaching operation, and the other for coordinating a maintenance project for an advanced warship. He was also awarded the Foreign Service Medal for his participation in an anti-piracy operation while serving as a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence Officer in December 2016.
In his quest for new challenges, Tiwari joined Amazon in October 2021 as a Compliance Operations Manager in the Program Initiatives, Continuity, and Compliance Center of Excellence (PICCCE) within the Global Solutions and Risk Compliance (GSRC) team.

At Amazon, I've gotten the best environment to learn and expand my horizons in the civil world. I continue to contribute effectively to serve our customers.
Abhishek Tiwari
Operations Manager, PICCCE, GSRC Field Fixed

Vivek Riguvanshi:

Bringing a focused approach to a high-pressure environment

Military Veterans at Amazon

Vivek Riguvanshi served in the army for 10 years and was involved in numerous operations in Manipur and Ladakh. He was awarded several medals for his contributions and a nomination for the Army Commander Commendation Card (2020).

After completing a business management course at IIM Lucknow, he joined Amazon as an Operations Manager in Global Operations – AI. 

Righuvanshi’s transition to a people manager at Amazon has been eventful and full of learning experiences. His prior experience leading troops in routine activities, training, and counter-insurgency operations has proven invaluable. He is currently part of a team that handles live video jobs from warehouses equipped with robotics facilities. Leading associates and front-line managers in this high-pressure environment requires a focused approach. It is also important to ensure that both performance and compliance are maintained despite the limited room for error.

Rajdeep Pandere:

A seasoned veteran with many covert operations under his belt

Military Veterans at Amazon

Rajdeep works as a Program Manager with the Competitor Monitoring Team under WW Pricing at Amazon. He hails from a family with a history of military service and was commissioned into the Ladakh Scouts Regiment, renowned for their expertise in mountain warfare. He began his journey by serving in the challenging terrains of the Siachen glacier.

Owing to his exceptional leadership skills in the elite commando forces, he also participated in multiple covert operations and partnered with several government and security organisations.

After completing 10 years in the Indian army, Rajdeep decided to join the corporate world. Intrigued by the cultural similarities between Amazon and the armed forces, he joined the company in October 2022 through the Amazon India Military Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Despite lacking prior corporate experience, he found a supportive environment at Amazon that allowed him to adapt comfortably and leverage his military expertise.

Megha Sinha:

Get your hands dirty and you will learn everything

Military Veterans at Amazon

Meet Megha Sinha , a former Indian navy officer who served in the force for 10 years. She played a crucial role as an air crew of the transport aircraft fleet, conducting multiple maritime reconnaissance sorties to secure the Indian coast.

Sinha's contributions extend beyond regular duties, as she actively participated in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. In 2014, she was part of Operation Lehar, which involved providing relief material to Vizag after cyclone Hudhud hit the coast. As a tactical operator, she played a vital role in loading water containers and relief supplies onto the aircraft and planned a safe flight route to Vizag.

In May 2020, she led a mission to deliver masks and sanitisers from Goa to various Indian cities. As the mission commander, she meticulously planned and executed the entire operation. In recognition of her dedication and exemplary service, she received the Chief of Naval Staff Commendation in December 2016. She is currently serving as a Senior Program Manager at AMZL ACES (Amazon Customer Excellence System).

My manager told me, ‘Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, and you will learn everything’. This was similar to what we did in the navy too, and it helped me connect with Amazon’s culture instantly. There has been no turning back since.
Megha Sinha
Senior Program Manager, AMZL ACES (Amazon Customer Excellence System)

Nimish Jain

An ability to adapt and thrive in ambiguous, complex situations

Military Veteran at Amazon

Nimish Jain is an Indian Air Force veteran, who served for over 24 years. He has had a distinguished service career, culminating in his role as Quality Assurance Services Directing Staff, Air Force Technical College before his retirement.

During the Kargil War—he served as an Independent Detachment Commander and successfully mobilised and operationalised a missile unit in Kutch, Gujarat. He played a crucial role in one of the key operations in North West of India as the Maintenance Head of a missile unit. These operations and his commendable performance earned him several medals, including a commendation by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Maintenance Command, Indian Air Force.

Amazon India’s first delivery station in India was launched by this former Indian Navy Officer in 2013.

In June 2022, Jain joined Amazon as a Senior Program Manager in the India Operations Excellence team. He says it is exciting to serve Amazon's selling partners and apply his military experience to innovate in a dynamic manner as he did in the armed forces. His ability to adapt and thrive in ambiguous and complex situations, honed during his military service, has proved invaluable in innovating and delivering exceptional service to our customers.