Our Impact

Community Impact

We look to leverage our scale for good and use our ability to innovate quickly to strengthen communities around the world where our employees live and work. We address immediate needs—such as reducing family hunger and homelessness and serving communities in need following natural disasters. The common thread through all of our work is a focus on ensuring that underserved and underrepresented youth in India have an opportunity to thrive.
SVP International Consumer Russell Grandinetti at the Hyderabad Community Centre
  • Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) India is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program focused on increasing access to high quality computer science education for 10 million disadvantaged children and youth by 2025. The program will offer CS education and career pathways—early exploration, experiential learning, and education-to-career transitions—to those who may typically lack these opportunities. We will also offer scholarships, mentorship and internship opportunities to disadvantaged female students to increase their participation in tech courses and careers.
  • We focus on scalable solutions to meet the basic needs of underserved and underprivileged youth and their families in India. We prioritize the funding of organizations and causes where Amazon can uniquely add value by leveraging our assets and expertise, to enable innovation and scale our impact together with our nonprofit partners.
  • Amazon has a track record of helping communities in times of crisis. When a natural disaster occurs, we want to be able to react within the shortest possible time, leveraging Amazon’s vast operational excellence and logistics capabilities to impact communities at their point of need.

Creating new grounds for equitable education

How Amazon India’s Tablet donation campaign, in association with NGOs like Peepul, American India Foundation (AIF), and Bala-Vikasa, is helping kids continue their education.