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Our network of offices connects passionate innovators in cities across the nation and the world, working together to create the next best thing for our customers. Designed to inspire and to foster collaboration, Amazon workplaces make it easier to invent.
Amazon India office in Chennai is spread across 8.3 lakh square feet to support around 6000 employees, this is Amazon’s 4th office in the state of Tamil Nadu

Hyderabad houses Amazon’s largest office building. Here’s a tour

Hundreds of thousands of Amazonians across the world are returning to office. We wanted to take you on a tour of one of our most impressive buildings!

Amazon’s newest office in Bagmane Capital Tech, Bangalore embraces several sustainable practices

The Bagmane Capital Tech in Bangalore--nicknamed BLR27--seamlessly integrates energy efficiency and water conservation in its design while fostering collaboration and innovation for its employees.
Amazon’s office at Hyderabad
Amazon’s largest corporate building in the world is located in Hyderabad, India. The HYD13 Campus is Amazon’s first owned office building outside of the U.S. The building construction was completed in a record time of 39 months. Built on approximately 9.7 acres, the campus has a total area of 3 million sq. ft. The 282-foot-tall building can house more than 15,000 employees and features agile workspaces, including casual, collaborative venues and private areas for concentration and confidentiality. Each floor of the office has a theme, making it a welcoming workspace for all.
Image of HYD office

Highlights of this site:

  • 2,700 cafeteria seating capacity
  • Vehicle parking: 2,500 for four-wheelers and 3,700 for two-wheelers
  • 290 conference rooms
  • PWD designed floors
  • 49 elevators, which can move at a speed of almost 1 floor per second, accommodating up to 500 people at a time
  • Site amenities include mother’s rooms, phone booths, locker rooms, quiet room, recreation room, interfaith room, wellness rooms, mailroom and inclusive restrooms for employees 
Amazon’s office at WTC, Bangalore
Located in the World Trade Centre, Bangalore, this is one of the first Amazon India corporate offices. The World Trade Centre was the tallest office building in South India when it opened in 2010. Located in Brigade Gateway, the building resides next to Orion Mall, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sheraton Hotel, Brigade School, and Brigade Gateway Apartments. WTC consists of 30 floors, of which 18 belong to Amazon. The site can accommodate approximately 5,300 people.
WTC building Image at Bangalore

Highlights of this site:

  • Two cafeterias in WTC, one on the 7th floor that is a general cafeteria, and one on the 6th floor that is only for Amazon employees
  • Each Amazon cafeteria can serve 350 people at a time  
  • PWD designed floors
  • Site amenities include mother’s rooms, phone booths, locker rooms, quiet rooms, recreation room, wellness rooms, mailroom and inclusive restrooms for employees 
Amazon’s office at Bagmane Constellation Business Park, Bangalore
The Taurus 3 facility is the newest addition to Amazon’s Corporate offices in Bagmane Constellation Business Park, Bangalore. Amazon built the facility on an “Our Place” concept, adopting an agile workplace environment with more meeting and scrum rooms, as well as modern furnishings. It has the largest office space in Bangalore, with a seating capacity of roughly 5,000 plus seats. It has a built-up area of ~676,000 sq.ft. with 11 operational floors, which includes cafeteria seating capacity for 1200+ and two basements as parking space for employee vehicles.
Image of Bagmane  office

Highlights of this site include:

  • Second largest office space with LEED Gold Certificate in India, which is awarded as a testament to sustainability
  • Improved indoor air quality with a high grade air filtration system
  • Clean refrigerant with zero impact on ozone depletion
  • Site amenities include wellness rooms, mother's rooms, focus rooms, huddle rooms, scrum areas, recreation room, and kitchenettes.
  • Individual or shared lockers are available to employees as part of the 'Our Place' concept. The lockers are electronically accessible through employee badges. 
Amazon’s office at Mumbai
One of Amazon’s newest offices in India is at Godrej Two, located in Mumbai’s Godrej Tech Park. It is a commercial building of 11.6 lac sq.ft. The thematic structure has art in its DNA, including art galleries and art installations throughout the building. In addition, it boasts one of the most eco-sensitive designs. Godrej Two has created a workplace that meets global standards in terms of interiors, engineering infrastructure, technology, environment, and health and safety.

Amazon’s office is located on the seventh floor and has a built-up area of over 95,000 sq.ft., with a seating capacity for about 500 people. This site provides a beautiful view of the city with a comfortable workplace environment and a variety of amenities for Amazon employees.
Mumbai Office image

Highlights of this site include:

  • 509 work desks + 4 team labs
  • 22 alternate work spaces
  • 158 meeting rooms and 81 connect spaces for more collaboration and short team connects
  • A large cafeteria which can serve 140 people at a time
  • Gaming area for employees to get refreshed
Amazon’s office at Chennai
Amazon Chennai’s site is located in Infinity Towers. There are lush gardens, zen styles, and landscaped podiums surrounding the office space. The site occupies a 12 floors, totaling about 4,74,00 sq.ft. Around 3,100 people can be accommodated at the site. It provides a spacious workplace environment and offers various facilities for employees. Every floor is uniquely designed and finished.
Amazon Chennai Office

Highlights of this site:

  • New breakout areas
  • Gaming area for employees to relax
  • A large cafeteria which can serve 630 people at a time
  • A stadium that can host up to 50+ people
Image of Del office 800*800
Amazon’s office at Delhi
DEL17 represents the largest office space for Amazon in the National Capital Region. It has a total area of ~200,000 sq.ft. covering three floors in the Ambience Tower. The building can seat about 1,154 persons. Employees have access to a metro station, malls, hotels, and restaurants from the office. Inside the office, employees are provided with all necessary facilities for their welfare and comfort. There is also a recreation area in the office with games such as table tennis, snooker, fuse ball, and video games. Amazon designed the office with an agile workplace in mind.

Amazon envisions a workplace that promotes innovation faster, drives employees to think bigger, and makes them more flexible. An agile workplace allows employees to choose how they would like to work.
Image of Pune office 800*800
Amazon’s office at Pune
With Amazon’s growth trajectory in India continuing, sites like PNQ13 allow employees to contribute to Amazon’s success. Three floors of the office space belong to Amazon with a space of ~0.13 mm sq.ft., which seats around 1000 people.

The office is equipped with all facilities and provides an agile and healthy workplace. Additionally, it offers casual, collaborative work spaces, as well as private areas to cater to employees differing needs.