The top that you just added to cart will look just as you visualized once it reaches your address. Did you ever contemplate the technology that goes behind this seamless experience?

It's a 44000 sq. ft. digital imaging facility, 16 photography bays, best in class cameras, color managed lights, a digital workflow automation system, along with a very talented team of photographers, creatives, stylists, producers, and models that stands behind every image you see on the Amazon Fashion Catalog. Amazon’s imaging tenet is - what you see is what you get. To achieve this and to enhance the shopping experience of its customers, Amazon is investing in high-quality, technology-enabled studios like this one called Blink in New Delhi. This is the third of its kind to be set up by Amazon after New York & London.

Watch the video above.

Blink is a whole other world where models showcase thousands of clothes, footwear, and accessories to be captured by photographers. The imagery is rich in color, shows product details, and how it looks from different angles to help the buyer’s purchase decision. “One of the other elements we have added and are really excited about is a video in the product page, especially for women’s clothes, that shows how the product looks on you. A video gives a 360-degree view and conveys the fit, style, and movement of the garment in the richest way possible,” says Arun Sirdeshmukh- Head, Amazon Fashion (India).

Blink is helping Amazon deliver an enriched experience to the customer. So what are you waiting for, visit the Amazon India Fashion store and shop away!