Establishing their businesses as a global brand and reaching millions of international customers is a dream for thousands of Indian sellers. However, one of the key challenges for many is the language barrier faced when setting up and managing account internationally.

In line with Amazon’s focus to make exports seamless and accessible to lakhs of Indian entrepreneurs and micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Amazon Global Selling has introduced language support for sellers in Hindi and Tamil. With this, sellers from anywhere in India can launch and manage their export businesses entirely in Hindi and Tamil. Amazon worked with experts in respective languages to develop an accurate and comprehensible experience for sellers – from registering with Amazon Global Selling and KYC processes to managing orders, product pages, inventory and Seller Central. Additionally, sellers can also get assistance with their queries in Hindi and Tamil through Seller Support. This new feature is currently live for sellers selling on marketplace and will soon be enabled for other global marketplaces as well.

We are already seeing great adoption of this service amongst existing and new sellers.
Abhijit Kamra
Director - Global Trade, Amazon India

Talking about the launch, Abhijit Kamra, Director - Global Trade, Amazon India, said, “With Amazon Global Selling, we are focused on making exports seamless for MSMEs from across India. As a part of this endeavor, we have launched regional language assistance in Hindi and Tamil to help sellers leverage ecommerce to sell internationally and create robust exports businesses. We are already seeing great adoption of this service amongst existing and new sellers.”

The launch of seller registration and account management services in Hindi and Tamil will benefit lakhs of new exporters from states including New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, among others.

Amazon seller central image

It is a big help for us as most members in our staff are more comfortable with Hindi.
Subhash Agarwal
Gurgaon-based owner of Brandshops sunglasses store

One of the early adopters of this service is Gurgaon-based Subhash Agarwal, owner of Brandshops sunglasses store, who has been a part of Amazon Global Selling since January 2020. He says, “It is a big help for us as most members in our staff are more comfortable with Hindi. We have used this experience to manage our product pages and payments, etc. With Seller Support available in Hindi, the limitations we faced in communication are eliminated, making it easier for us to handle our business.”

How to switch to Hindi and Tamil

Sellers who wish to change their preferred language can do it in a few simple steps on Seller Central, once logged in. Once the language is changed, sellers can get seller support and view other pages as well. Currently available in Hindi and Tamil for the Amazon US marketplace (, the team will continue to evolve the experience to add more features in regional languages across other marketplaces including the UK, enabling thousands of sellers to register and manage their businesses in a language of their convenience.