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During the process of launching Casa Décor in 2008, founders Niraj Johri and Pankaj Johari who are both business graduates, carried out extensive research for months – traveling and meeting artisans. Their goal was to explore Rajasthan’s traditional handcraft techniques to create a fusion of contemporary home decor collections that can cater to the tastes of modern homeowners. Today, Casa Decor is an amalgamation of tradition, lifestyle, and culture, where the focus is not merely on transforming moods and spaces but also changing lives.

The company started with less than Rs.50,000, which was financed by the founder's family. The company has since achieved phenomenal growth, touching a turnover of Rs.100 crore for the last five consecutive financial years.

“Casa Décor is a brand that takes pride in liberating local artisans of India.”

Casa Decor has 100 employees and 200 artisans on their rolls. In addition, they support 5000+ wage rate workers in their bases in Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Moradabad. “Casa Décor is a brand that takes pride in liberating local artisans of India and working with them to create an environment that allows them to run their households at a respectable pace,” said Niraj Johri, founder, Casa Décor.

Adapting to change

Initially, Casa Décor was focused on exports across Europe & USA, but with online marketing becoming popular in India, the company recognized the potential opportunity and demand for handicrafts in India. The company then started introducing its collections domestically, and now envisions seeing all homes in India decorated with products made in India.

During the pandemic too, Casa Décor listened closely to customers and introduced more clutter-conscious and multi-functional home decor items. For instance, with people being confined to their homes, the company saw an uptick in demand for laptop tables, kitchenware for hosting home-based guests at home etc.

“Amazon has helped our brand reach a diverse audience in the country.”

Acknowledging the role of Amazon in their growth journey, Niraj said, “When shopping online, a wide majority of people open Amazon first to search for any given product, because everything is available on the platform. Amazon has helped our brand reach a diverse audience in the country, who wouldn’t have known the Casa Decor name, merely via our website.”