Businesses that have stood the test of time for generations and continue to flourish in this day and age are living proof of the power of legacy that is passed on by parents to their children in good faith. Many might have inherited a dynasty to continue from where their fathers left off. Others have received the knowledge and skills as a legacy from their parents to start a venture with a twist of their own.

Here are some stirring stories about a few parents who have inspired their children to take the reins of their existing business and magnify it with their personalised touch.

1. Weaving a community together

Here is a story of a son whose father's life was about keeping the age-old art of Ikkat alive. For the son Bhaskar, his father's passion became a gift for a fulfilling life. He hails from a family of weavers practising the art of Ikkat in Poochampally, Andhra Pradesh.

Earlier, Bhaskar pursued a corporate job as he had no interest in the dying art that his family had worked for 50 years. But, when his father was unwell, he decided not to let his father's efforts go for waste. Instead, he used his connections to revive the art and support his community through weaving Ikkat fabric. He has connected the weavers' products to the market and been instrumental in making the art of Ikkat popular around the world. He now has a valuable business legacy to pass on to the coming generations.

2. Reviving a legacy rooted in traditional Ayurveda

Fathers are passionate about sharing their skills or art with their children. They sow the seeds of entrepreneurship at a very young age. So did KGK Panicker to his son, Dr Anil Kumar. But it was Anil's son, Venkatesh Anil Kumar who managed to revive his grandpa's empire with his brand, Aarshaveda.

It all started when Venkatesh decided to make oil under his father's guidance to heal his newborn's newborn rashes. He quit his decade-old job to make authentic Ayurveda products from wholly natural and organic raw products. His business has been flourishing locally and internationally. Perseverance by fathers for three generations in this family has revived a lost legacy.

3. Beating the legacy blues with Blue Art Pottery

Often a skill is passed on in such a nonchalant way that you almost miss it. This is what happened with Girdhari. While his father worked hard to feed the families, he roped in his children to work with them. Little did the parents know that their children would one day transform their family-owned business into a famous brand.

Today, Girdhari has done this by reviving the blue art pottery with his wife, Sharada.
He trained a community about the various forms of this art and encouraged his wife, who had never done business to bring in new ideas. With 50 people under their wings, the couple has revived a forgotten art and are running a successful business. His father’s priceless heirloom allowed them to hone the craft and have the joy of supporting a community while imparting knowledge.

4. When art runs in the family

The power of a father's effort and life's work towards a particular art can persuade a son to renew his interests in it. Abdul Gafoor Khatri, a master artisan from Gujarat mastered the art of Rogan. He learned this impromptu art from his father and could not let it perish. His father kept the art alive in him, and Khatri has made it thrive internationally today. That is not all. He has inspired a community to take up Rogan and aspires to empower women through it.

While we appreciate the art we see and maybe even buy these unique products, let's stop to say thank you the person who started it all! Happy Father's Day.