Across the length and breadth of India, in her every nook and corner resides an art form, a piece of handicraft, a dexterous skill that is waiting to be explored and celebrated. And Amazon India's Karigar is doing just that. As we announce the launch of ‘Handcrafted, With Love,’ we are in effect celebrating the talent of over 10 lakh artisans and weavers, from over 20 states and union territories. Yes, that's how many them are showcasing their skill online which you can see in the 90,000 products - all handmade by artisans.

Take a look at the top 5 unique and intricate crafts of India, that will surely take your breath away.

Indian handloom: Storytelling through fabric

Classic Handloom karigar

Every state of India has a unique handloom identity— from geometrically patterned Kullu weaves on Himachali shawls to the sheer and airy Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh made using a combination of Silk and cotton; from off-white and gold zari bordered royal Kasavu sarees of Kerala to pastel shades of handmade Chikankari of Uttar Pradesh— each region tells a different story and that is what handloom collectors appreciate. Discover vibrant ethnic outfits made from these authentic weaves and add a traditional touch to your wardrobe

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Brass handicraft: An amalgamation of ancient cultures

Brasswork Karigar

The invention of metal by early societies became a hallmark of civilization. Even to this date, the knowledge and skill connected with different metals from various regions of India have been carried over by generations of artisans as a legacy. From the Tamtas and the Thateras in North India to folk metal artisans who practiced the Dhokra or lost wax process of metal casting across East and Southern India, each artisan community added their distinctive touch that makes it so special even today. Add some brass accents in your home to make it a truly inviting space.

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Blue art pottery: Serving objet d'art on a plate

Blue art pottery karigar

Embellish your homes and hearth with a piece of history, a craft that has travelled all the way from China, Mongolia, Persia and finally landed in to India, leaving a trail of influence wherever it travelled. Right from the striking turquoise blue color, to the material it is made of, and the way it is slow fired with love, everything thing about its process and end product is unique. It is one of those rare crafts that can make everyday objects plates, soap dishes and knobs, a sheer beauty to withhold.

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Exquisite woodcraft: Chiseled to perfection

Woodwork karigar

From rosewood to walnut to timbre, different regions of India products vastly different craft pieces made of wood. Be it toys, furniture or knick-knacks; anything handcrafted out of wood has that sublime and ethereal touch to it. Add the perfect touch of elegance to your home or office, with our selection uniquely handcrafted wooden pieces.

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Bead Jewellery: Timeless treasure to behold

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A 5000-year-old form of handcrafted jewellery, Indian beadwork can trace its origins as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization. It has come a long way since then, with artisans today creating spectacular handcrafted pieces through fresh colours, textures and imagination with their inherited indigenous ‘Karigari’. Be it made of wood, ceramic, glass or brass, each piece of beaded jewellery is a timeless treasure to behold

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Visit Handcrafted, With Love, an initiative by Amazon Karigar, launched to highlight India’s rich handicrafts heritage by partnering with 25 government emporiums and 5 government bodies, master weavers, co-operatives, artisans and APEX bodies and National Award-winning weavers.