Imagine spilling some juice on your white shirt just before a meeting! What if all you had to do was wipe it off with a tissue and you could walk right into the conference room in a pristine white shirt? What if you could reuse that very shirt 4 times before having to throw it into the laundry basket? What if this shirt also keeps you 2 degrees cooler than the outside temperature?

Turms has made all of this possible! They have been selling on Amazon Launchpad for the last 6 months and are very happy to attract a very unique set of customers who are interested in new innovations and ready to experiment with their choices. These customers are early adopters in the market and Turms hopes to increase its presence on this platform over a period of time.

“Turms is trying to build clothes that help us in our daily lives”, says Rameswar Misra, co-founder, and CEO at BigPhi Technologies (Turms). They have a range of everyday wear for men like denim, t-shirts, shirts, chinos, even innerwear, and socks. But what is exceptional is each of these come with unique properties like anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, cooling, anti-odour or quick dry. The founders of this brand envision a world where clothing can work for us, where they become easy to maintain, easy to clean and high in utility.

To achieve this, they use Nano Technology. The brand has created unique formulations which it takes to its vendor partners. These partners then use this as an application on the fabric before constructing the garment. In the case of denim this formulation is applied in the final washing stages of manufacturing. This is what powers the apparels to function differently.

Investing in R&D

BigPhi Technologies has seven co-founders and was started as an R & D venture in 2016. They partner with leading institutes in India and abroad to constantly work on new technologies. See more about this in the video.

Turms is headquartered in Bangalore and has vendor partners producing apparel in different parts of India. The brand has been selling apparel online since April 2017 and has since grown 10-15% month on month. They are clocking an annual run rate of over 35 crores as of today. On their roadmap is the launch of women’s wear collection in the next year along with four more technologies that they are currently testing out.

“Turms is living life on your own terms,” says Rameswar proudly looking at the road ahead.