Equity and inclusivity strengthen the foundation of diversity and Amazon India is committed to driving this agenda forward. Over the years, Amazon India has created meaningful work opportunities to empower those from all walks of life, enabling them to expand their horizons. Some of these include the LGBTQ community, Military Veterans as well as the People with Disabilities, amongst others.

With thousands of associates with Hearing and Speech Impairments playing invaluable role as part of its operations network, Amazon India is focused on building a conducive environment that enables them to perform their roles. In this endeavour, we continue to introduce technology and support initiatives to support these cohorts to thrive at the workplace; the most recent of which is ‘SignAble’.

Amazon India has partnered with ‘SignAble’, a virtual and interactive interpreter platform to enable effective communication and real time trouble shooting for associates with Hearing and Speech Impairments. The tool empowers associates with hearing and speech impairments to communicate with other associates on the floor, by virtually connecting them an interpreter in real-time. The easy access to interpreters who speak multiple vernacular languages has not only resulted in higher collaboration but also strengthened morale.

The platform has also played an integral role in enabling People with Disabilities (PwD) to access COVID-19 communication during these challenging times. ‘Signable’ has been readily available to Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI PwDs) who have been able to get their COVID-related safety queries answered by an associate in sign language.