It was only recently that Amazon India celebrated its 5th anniversary and Jeff Bezos in his special message for India said "I’m energized and humbled by the opportunities ahead. is “India ki apni dukaan.” With our global leaders being invested in India's growth one thing was clear that they all have India on their mind. If India reminds Jeff Wilke of all the technology that's being built here, for Russell Grandinetti, SVP- International Consumer the energy of India is inspiring. Jay Carney, SVP, Global Corporate Affairs appreciates Indian customers and sellers for their inventiveness and practicality even as Dave Clark said his team in India is leading the way in innovations for complex solutions. James Farell said it best when he said, his interactions with various people on his visit to India lead him to believe that the Indian landscape is changing and how. And we are glad that Amazon India is part of this journey of India.