For Amazon, sustainability initiatives are of paramount importance. Among the very first signatories of the Climate Pledge initiative, Amazon is dedicated to reducing its impact on natural resources and fostering a greener and healthier planet.

Amazon India unveils long term sustainable packaging initiatives; aims to eliminate single use plastic packaging by June 2020. Paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage in all Amazon India Fulfilment Centers by end of the year.

Thanks to concerted efforts in this space, Amazon India is eliminating practices from its operations system that adversely affect the environment. From phasing out single-use plastics to transitioning to renewable energy and electrifying its transportation services, we’re taking solid steps to transform the climate ‘crisis’ into climate ‘action’.

Amazon India has piloted electric vehicles in several cities across India in 2019 and is now expanding this initiative across the country.

Elaborating on our numerous sustainability initiatives, Swetha Ramdas – Sustainability Lead at Amazon India – says, “At Amazon, we believe that sustainability is a triple win all around. It not only accelerates business growth but also impacts our customers, communities, and the world around us. Creating a cleaner, greener planet is the most crucial factor of sustainability.”

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