Jay Carney, SVP, Global Corporate Affairs in India

Your India visit – what is the one thing about India that has truly impressed you - business or otherwise?
Just the sheer energy and vibrancy of the country. In Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi, I felt like I was in a country bursting with positive energy.

It is often said that to do business in India – one has to do things differently – that many global principles don’t work. Do you think this is true?
I do think this is true. Partly because India has specific laws and rules governing foreign investment, but also because India is culturally distinct. To succeed in India, you have to understand and appreciate Indian customers and Indian sellers. I think our business teams do just that.

Technology is definitely the way to engage with millennials. Maybe the only way!
Jay Carney

Which India first initiative of Amazon do you particularly like?
I got to visit an “I Have Space” shop in Hyderabad. I loved the inventiveness and practicality that led to this initiative.

Amazon is a global company, what do you do to ensure that employees in every geography feel a part of the global family and that inclusive culture is ingrained within Amazon employees?
This is an important issue at Global Corporate Affairs (GCA), which is a new organization at Amazon. We’re trying to do a better job communicating with GCA teams across the globe so that we all feel connected to the same mission. We held our first ever Global Summit earlier this year, and we’re starting to hold periodic virtual All Hands meetings as well. Also, visiting GCA teams is crucial, which is why I came to India.

Is technology the way to engage with the millennials – and will Echo be that bridge?
Technology is definitely the way to engage with millennials. Maybe the only way! But the genius of Echo devices is that their UI transcends generations – my kids love them, and so do my parents.

Quick Takes

  • Your favourite Indian food: Chicken tikka masala
  • An Indian film star you know of? Anil Kapoor
  • An Indian sports star you know of? Vijay Amritraj (from when I was a kid playing tennis)
  • A recent book/movie you read/saw that you loved: The Sympathizer, by Viet Than Nguyen
  • When not working, you love to: watching my kids play sports or perform
  • Your fav Amazon device: Echo