Innovating for unique Indian needs
Whether it is through devices or unique offerings like CoD and Secure Delivery, Amazon is always innovating to fulfil the needs of Indian consumers. Continue reading
Our innovations
We're a company of builders. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers.

The artisan revival

How Indian craftsmen are bringing their ‘A’ game on the online platform

15 unique products that are made in India

We celebrate those special products that were made in India and made for India.

Initiatives powering growth of SMBs

With the Indian ecosystem in mind, Amazon has pioneered some interesting and successful initiatives to transform the way entrepreneurs do business online. We highlight the 4 key programs that are helping driving this growth for our sellers

Transforming the lives of micro businesses in India

The I Have Space program has not only empowered local micro businesses, but in partnering with them Amazon India has been able to push last mile delivery

2018: A toast to entrepreneurs

From supporting small businesses, launching Make in India startups online, reviving Indian arts to empowering women to own and manage viable businesses, Amazon has changed the business ecosystem in India. Looking at the year that was….