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Innovating for unique Indian needs
Whether it is through devices or unique offerings like CoD and Secure Delivery, Amazon is always innovating to fulfil the needs of Indian consumers. Continue reading
Our innovations
We're a company of builders. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers.

Reviving dreams with Small Business Day on Amazon India

At a time when small businesses have suffered a massive economic slump due to COVID-19,'s Small Business Day is being organized to coincide with UN MSME Day on June 27, and we get to play a part in helping revive these businesses!

Accessibility Blind

Amazon Flex: Powering young India’s ambitions

The story of how 19-year-old Anand fuelled his dreams

Local Shops on Amazon, a new beginning for offline retailers

At Amazon India, will use our technology, training and enablement capabilities to power local shops across India to sell online.

7 years and it's still Day 1!

As turns 7 in India, its journey has been marked by many memorable moments - big and small. As we turn a year older and grow bigger, we ask Amazonians to tell us how they strive to keep alive the Day 1 culture. Read on...
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