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Amazon’s latest tool - Account Health Rating - will help sellers adhere to Amazon policies and maintain great account health. The new Account Health Rating (AHR) is based on easy-to-understand metric that gives sellers an overall state of their account health, by assigning a numerical value indicating if their account is "Healthy," “At-Risk,” or “Unhealthy”.

Since August 2022, Amazon has rolled out the new version of AHR to sellers in the U.S., Canada, EU/UK, Mexico, Brazil and Japan marketplaces. Today, Amazon is announcing that it is expanding the program to sellers on the India marketplace, starting August 2023. 

Enabling sellers build successful businesses

Amazon continues to invest in powerful tools, services, and support that enable sellers to build successful businesses. Taking constant feedback from sellers helps Amazon create tools that enable a better selling experience on the marketplace. This includes helping sellers adhere to policies and ensure a great customer experience. For many years, Amazon has continued to invest in—and improve on—assisting sellers through clearer communications, faster response times, clearer indication of policy violations, and more.

Account Health Rating Tool for Amazon Sellers

The new Account Health Rating responds to a few key pieces of feedback that Amazon received from sellers. First, rather than a list of policy violations that could lead to suspension of their account, sellers have asked to understand exactly where they stand overall. The new AHR provides that holistic metric and will be the determining factor for account suspension based on accumulated policy violations.
Second, if any outstanding policy violations negatively impact AHR, a seller will be able to see the level of severity for each violation (i.e. Critical, Medium or Low). The seller can then prioritise the most important issues first. Third, sellers have asked for more help in adhering to Amazon policies. Sellers can easily contact Amazon when they need support or have questions. The team of dedicated Account Health Specialists at Amazon is ready to support sellers over the phone or via email in getting their account back on track.

Improving overall seller experience

Amazon is committed to helping sellers better understand exactly where their account health stands, prioritise potential issues, and ensure that their account status remains healthy so they can focus on selling amazing products and growing their businesses. This is one of many new offerings Amazon is rolling out to improve sellers’ overall experience.