Digital payments have made managing bills so much easier today. Gone are the days of waiting in unending queues, notes being counted, change tendered, and receipts issued. The good news doesn’t end there: your bill payments are an even easier process now thanks to Amazon Pay, which provides quick, seamless, and secure transactions.

Amazon Pay provides a hassle-free online payment service to Amazon customers and make every transaction rewarding. If you aren’t using it already, you’re missing out on some of the most innovative ways to manage your bill payments.

Here are five ways Amazon Pay can make your bill payments faster, safer, and more rewarding.

1. Amazon Pay Later service

If you’re worried about paying month-end bills on a tight budget, you can now pay it later. You read that right: with the Amazon Pay Later service, you can pay your bills next month instead. Amazon Pay Later — a premium service available to Amazon Pay users — is an easy way to get instant credit on your bills and purchases. All it needs is a no-fuss, one-time setup and KYC details, and you get lifetime service access. This “buy now, pay later” service comes with the added reliability of Amazon.

2. Manage recurring payments

With the advent of OTT platforms and service subscriptions, keeping track of recurrent expenses has become increasingly difficult. There are also monthly household bills for electricity, water, gas, newspapers, etc. that need to be paid. With Amazon Pay, you can manage all your monthly bills using the Recurring Payments feature. Just set up all your monthly, quarterly, or yearly bills on Amazon Pay and automatically make all payments before they are due. All your bills and expenses are also tracked in one place.

3. Exciting cashback offers

You can save even more money by earning flat 2% reward points on every bill payment you make using your co-branded Amazon Pay credit card. Apply for the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card and give yourself the reliability and security that both Amazon and ICICI offer.

4. Scan-and-pay on the go 

Using Amazon Pay UPI, users can scan any UPI QR code and pay on the go. Whether you want to pay grocery bills, restaurants bills, or hotel bills, you can use Amazon Pay to make instant cashless transactions. It is an incredibly effective and secure way to send and receive money.

5. Get rewards every single time

Amazon Pay users are eligible for cashback offers, discount offers, and rewards on every transaction they make. You can use these incentives to save even more money on your purchases. You can also accumulate the cashback in your Pay Balance to stretch your monthly budget and make your bill payments more manageable. Win-win all around!

These are five exciting ways that Amazon Pay makes bill payments faster, more convenient, and more rewarding. For best-in-class digital and cashless transactions, look no further than Amazon Pay.