Diwali is the best of times - a time to celebrate life, new beginnings, and new hope. With the pandemic enforcing a new template on lives & livelihoods - many of us had to experience a new way of doing things. From a working mother who got back from maternity leave to a small business owner taking their operations online - Amazon is humbled to play a small part in so many lives.

Here’s a few inspirational stories of people from all walks of lives as they celebrate their first Diwali, filled with hope, with Amazon.

Divya’s story of taking her craft pan India

#MeriPehliDiwali: A story from our own Amazon Karigar seller, Divya Maheshwari.


Meet Divya Maheshwari, our very own Karigar Seller. With a love for all things handcrafted & the excitement of her first Diwali with Amazon, Divya’s story will leave you in awe & inspire you to follow your passions this festive season.

Richa’s story of taking Indian chocolates far & wide

#MeriPehliDiwali of one of our own 'Local Shops on Amazon' Seller, Richa

A pharmacist by profession, but a chocolate connoisseur by heart, Richa Chaudhary is the founder of local bean-to-bar brand, Darkins, and is a ‘Local Shops on Amazon’ seller. Excited for her first Diwali with Amazon, watch as Richa aims to take the world by storm through her calling for all things chocolate.

Rashid’s story of delivering smiles to his village

#MeriPehliDiwali : Amazon Easy Store owner delighting customers with a human touch | Rashid Shaikh

Meet Rashid Shaikh, a small business owner with a big heart. Coming from a small town but with big dreams, his biggest wish this Diwali is to ensure all of his customers celebrate Diwali with grand celebrations. Watch how Rashid makes this possible with the help of Amazon Easy.

Aanchal’s story of celebrating her first Diwali as a mom

Aanchal’s story of celebrating her first Diwali as a mom. #MeriPehliDiwali

For Aanchal, Diwali this year comes with a lot of surprises. Hard-working and ambitious, she’s eager to get back to work but she knows that motherhood is the toughest job of them all. Filled with happiness and brimming with opportunities, Aanchal and her little one are excited to celebrate their first Diwali together with the Amazon family. Find out how you can join Amazon family here.

Tanu’s story of celebrating new beginnings

Tanu’s story of celebrating new beginnings. #MeriPehliDiwali

For Tanu, celebrating Diwali this year comes with a big responsibility - to deliver boxes of happiness to millions of families across the country. It’s no wonder why she’s been titled our esteemed Box Star. Watch as Tanu celebrates her first Diwali as our new FC associated with Amazon.