With extended lockdowns and the second wave of COVID looming over much of April and May, many of us have been home, seeing the lows and battling through tough times. Today, the situation is getting a bit brighter and as we tread on the path of caution, we welcome the festive times that are upon us with happiness and optimism. Yes, we can’t travel like how we did, our holiday season is not the same and our get-togethers are subdued, but there is hope and where hope floats, inspiring stories come alive.

Witness this with our mini travel video series by bloggers Prachi and Harsh. As they explore beautiful destinations across India, they unbox its uniqueness too - unique art, craft, food and more.

Sharing their experiences, the travel geeks said, “As we 'unpacked' Bharat’s beauty we couldn’t but help notice the invisible yet strong online thread that binds new India. The people are riding the digital wave and we were pleasantly surprised to see that no matter the place we explored, there is thoda sa (little bit) Amazon in everyone's life!”

As our Kaarwan travelled across places, India's stories have made a place in our hearts. Live these stories through us, make a mental note of the places we explore till you can actually go visit and join us on the journey that unpacks destinations, stories and yes, Bharat! We are calling it Kahaniyon ka Kaarwan.