The debate over moving IT infrastructure to the cloud is over – the benefits of moving to the cloud are uncontested. Enterprises are looking for agility, scalability, lower costs and reduced risks. Cloud offers all these and more. For start-ups and small businesses, cloud based services offer the advantage of agile and cost effective operations, as well as a market opportunity to build services. The wave of digitization has peaked in the past two years, and every industry sector, organization or business is in some stage of their cloud journey.

With this massive shift towards cloud based operations, the next industry challenge is going to be availability of skills to cater to cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity. NASSCOM’s future skills report projects that India’s demand for cloud skills will grow to 2.3 million professionals by 2023, but the industry will face a skill gap of almost one million professionals.

Learners can choose from over 500 free courses

A pioneer in cloud services, Amazon is committed to bridging this gap by enabling the builders of today – experts and novices, practitioners and AWS Partners – with the knowledge and resources they need to realize their cloud ambitions. AWS training and certification supports learners of all levels and validates experience with industry-recognized credentials. Our curricula include both digital and classroom training and learners can choose from over 500 free courses, based on role, skill level and specialty.

Building a pipeline of industry-ready talent is something we believe will also address the potential skill gap facing the industry. For India’s student community we have a suite of education programs such as AWS Academy, AWS re/start and AWS Educate. These programs go a step further by connecting students to potential job opportunities in the industry.

Cloud is the foundation for success in the digital economy

Be it AWS customers, AWS partners, Amazon employees, and the next generation of learners – AWS Training and Certification reaches them all to build cloud skills for the digital future. According to an independent report by Enterprise Strategy Group commissioned by Amazon, AWS Certifications have demonstrated their role in enabling the digital enterprise. The report found that organizations with a higher adoption of AWS Certifications were two times as likely to have over 15% of their annual revenue linked to digital products, services, and experiences. In fact, 97% of organizations say employing AWS Certified staff have helped put them in a more competitive position over a three to five year period. This indicates that the cloud is the foundation for success in the digital economy and Amazon is empowering that march into a digital future.