Pondicherry-born Sridevi Murugayen was the first graduate in her family. The engineer, who recently joined Fidelity Investments as Director, is passionate about diversity and inclusion and loves enabling women tech enthusiasts. Sridevi believes that community-based learning not just speeds knowledge transfer but also helps impart soft skills such as public speaking.

This belief stems from Sridevi’s personal journey.

A reluctant public speaker

In 2018, Sridevi started working with a partner company focused on AWS. Her leaders encouraged her to speak in an AWS user group meetup. With no prior experience in public speaking, she was hesitant and uncomfortable. But with a lot of practice, she overcame her fears and delivered her first user group talk in 2019. There has been no looking back since then. Learning new topics, researching them, and speaking about them in meetups has boosted Sridevi's confidence.

Supporting women in tech

"I'm working on building a community where women like me can come out of their comfort zone and start grabbing the right opportunities," she explains. She believes networking and collaboration can enhance women's participation in technology and be a great step towards building their personal and professional growth.

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Build Better Together: Sridevi Murugayen, AWS Data Hero | Amazon Web Services