Faizal Khan always wanted to impart technology education to people who could not afford it.

“The lack of quality in higher education in my time, made me want to give back to the current generation, to ensure their upskilling and employability” the entrepreneur behind Ecomm.in says.

The journey so far

Faizal has always had a Do It Yourself (DIY) mindset. “I got hired straight out of high school thanks to the programming and technology skills I had picked up doing DIY projects” he says.

After working in the tech sector for over 12 years, Faizal started his own cloud-native startup, Ecomm India Cloud IT. During that time, he discovered emerging opportunities with AWS and started learning more about them. He joined the AWS Hyderabad user group as a member to enhance his knowledge. As he became more familiar with the group, Faizal started giving back by conducting more meetups and by speaking at different events. A regular contributor to the AWS community, the entrepreneur organizes the AWS Hyderabad User Group, besides AWS Hackathons, meetups, re:Invent recaps, webinars, and AWS certification boot camps. Some of his trainees have secured a job in AWS after his training in solutions architecture.

Carve your own path

"My advice to aspiring developers and IT enthusiasts would be to not chase trends and focus on building your skillset in your interest area because expertise in certain areas will always outlast trends," adds Faizal.

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Build Better Together: Faizal Khan, AWS Community Hero | Amazon Web Services