*Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the new season of The Family Man yet, this is your sign to grab a tub of popcorn and watch it with your dad.*

He’s the man with an uncanny ability to lie with a straight face and a dry sense of humor that can make anyone laugh out loud. We are talking about actor Manoj Bajpayee’s character Srikant Tiwari – everyone’s favorite Family Man. While Srikant’s life may be anything but ordinary, his Family Man avatar is supposed to be of the middle-class husband and father (a desi, domesticated James Bond).

This Father’s Day, we tell you how Srikant Tiwari really is just like any other desi dad out there and that’s exactly what makes him a favorite amongst all of us.

The Family Man Season 2 - Daddy Cool | Manoj Bajpayee | Amazon Prime Video

The (not so) cool dad

While Srikant is always trying to be the cool, affable father to his children, he has a share of awkward moments with them, especially his teenage daughter Dhriti. Remember season 1 where he is at the supermarket with his children and his son Atharv picks up a pack of sanitary napkins? His embarrassment is priceless. The moment gets funnier when Dhriti asks her father to tell Atharv what sanitary pads are and then proclaims ‘girls get periods and boys are dumbasses.’ Srikant’s ‘kaha se seekh rahi ho ye sab?’ is a typical desi dad reaction.

The comical Dad

No one escapes Srikant’s dry sense of humor and wry jokes, least of all his son Atharv. Be it his endless questions, his penchant for blackmail, or his love for music, Srikant never lets his son off the hook very easily, just like your papa who won’t refrain from making a joke about your embarrassing moment, even in public.

Srikant Learns How To Use Instagram From Atharv And Dhriti | Amazon Prime Video

Our favorite Funny Dad scene is from the new season when Atharv is blowing hard at his trumpet and trying his best to make some music to which Srikant says ‘Itna mat phoonk. Picche se hava nikal jayegi!’ Picturing the scene and still laughing.

The caring Dad

Through season 1 of the show, Srikant was portrayed as a barely-there father who came and went from his children’s life as his work allowed him to. Pretty much like the workaholic, desi dad who expects the mother to be the primary caregiver for the children, but drops in from time to time to make his presence felt. But tell him his child is in danger and he’ll move heaven and earth to find him or her. Just like Srikant did when he rescued Dhriti from her kidnappers in the new season and even lied to her that he was alive and in jail, even though he was dead.

The enigmatic Dad

Like most of us, Srikant’s children imagine their father as an ideal man – no foul language, use of fists, and definitely no hidden secrets. However, like many of us, Srikant’s children don’t know about the rough and tough side of their dad’s personality or his work life and all that it entails. In fact, in season 1, Atharv thinks of his father as a timid man who doesn’t speak his mind. Little does he know the real Srikant Tiwari or the parallel life he leads. Come to think of it, do you know where your dad goes to work each day? Just asking…

On this Father’s Day, appreciate not just Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Family Man’ but also the family man in your life. Who knows? He might be doing something cooler than Srikant Tiwari!

Here’s wishing all the cool, desi dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day.