Takeshi’s Castle was a cult favourite back in the day. The best part was Jaaved Jaaferi’s hilarious Hindi commentary on bizarre tasks where participants often fell to the ground. Even today the iconic Japanese show and Jaaferi’s endless wisecracks evoke a sense of nostalgia for many millennials. The good news: Takeshi’s Castle is streaming now on Prime Video with a brand new Indian reboot with commentary by actor and content creator Bhuvan Bam, who revives his BB Ki Vines character Titu Mama. Streaming exclusively on Prime Video, the show introduces new obstacles but retains the essence of the original show, where over 100 contestants run through several crazy challenges in the hopes of winning the lucrative prize of 1 million yen. We interviewed Bam to learn about his experience of working for Takeshi’s Castle with Prime Video. Edited excerpts.

Takeshi's Castle on Prime Video

1. What has been your fondest memory of watching the show?

I used to watch the show on TV during my school days. Every day, the last bell at school got me excited to go home and watch the episodes. That’s really my fondest memory of Takeshi’s Castle.

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2. Apart from Titu Mama, will the audience get to watch any other character of ‘BB ki Vines’ on the show?

No, just Titu Mama. I feel he is the perfect mix of knowledge, satire and roasting which no other BB ki Vines character is.

3.  What tweaks have been made for adapting this international show and making it relevant to Indian viewers?

The tasks in the Indian reboot remain more or less the same but the commentary has an Indian touch to it. Leveraging Titu Mama’s personality, I’ve tried to blend Indian references in a satirical manner. Since the tasks are bizarre, the Hindi commentary is like a cherry on the cake.

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4. Some reports suggest that you spent 120 days mastering the script and dubs for the show. Could you take us through that journey?

The scriptwriting process was a mix of well-written jokes, paired with the perfect comic timing and some impromptu lines. Dubbing comedic lines is tiring because you hear them so many times that you need a third perspective to make sure it really is funny. Also, I had to keep myself updated with current affairs to be able to add relevant jokes.

Takeshi's Castle on Prime Video

5. If given a chance, would you want to be a contestant on the show?

Nah! You need bones of steel to be a contestant on Takeshi’s Castle!

6. Many millennials relate to Jaaved Jaaferi’s commentary on Takeshi’s Castle. How do you feel about stepping into his shoes?

Stepping into Jaaved sir’s shoes was without doubt the hardest part of being involved in the show. I’m a fan of Takeshi’s Castle because of his commentary. But I’m honoured that I got this opportunity to do it in my own style and, hopefully, make him a little proud.

7. What has been the most difficult part of voicing Takeshi’s Castle so far?

The timing of the punch line is the toughest part because the visuals of people falling and slipping is already funny.

Takeshi's Castle on Prime Video

8. What is on your Prime Video watchlist for the holiday season?

I’m planning to finish Farzi and also re-watch all new episodes of Takeshi’s Castle!

All 8 episodes of Takeshi’s Castle are now streaming on Prime Video.

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