Have you ever missed watching your favourite blockbuster movie because of your busy schedule? Fear not, the Prime Video Store is the perfect destination to rent movies with the largest catalogue of rental movies in the country—with about 6,000 titles released over the last 100 years.

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This step-by-step guide will answer one of our most frequently asked questions— “How to rent a movie on Prime Video?” and explore our curated list of movies from different genres to choose from.

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Steps to rent a movie on Prime Video

Explore a variety of Prime Video movies available for rent through the Prime Video Store page as well as the app on compatible devices.

  • Type in the title you want to watch in the search bar.
  • Once the title's product page pops up, you will be prompted to rent the title.
  • Click on "More purchase options"  for varying playback quality options.
  • Checkout after you made the payment and get bingeing.
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Titles requiring an additional purchase are easily identified by a distinctive yellow shopping bag icon on the homepage. Renting a title grants movie access for a specified period so make sure you rent it keeping your schedule in mind. Rented movies remain in your video library for 30 days from the rental date. However, once you begin playback of the movie title, you have a minimum of 48 hours to complete watching. Viewing periods for some titles may be longer. The “More purchasing options” feature enables you to also purchase content in different playback qualities.

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Movies you can rent and watch on Prime Video

Now that you know how to rent movies on Prime Video, here is a list of some titles you can rent:

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  • Action movies: Do you love it when the interesting turns of events in a movie are sprinkled with violence and physical defeats? If so, rent movies like Fast X, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Vidyarthi, iSmart Shankar, The Dark Knight, Check, Gaja Raja Kota Ganesha,Hunter Killer, and so many more. 
  • Comedy movies: If you’re in the mood for something light and hilarious, you can rent movies such as Tom & Jerry, Shikaaru, Home, Matilda, The Bad Guys, We’re The Millers, and several more on Prime Video.
  • Kids and family movies: Spend your weekend bingeing with your family by renting movies like Miracles from Heaven, Barbie, The Grinch, Honey Girls, The Little Rascals, The Polar Express, Dora and The Lost City of Gold, Flubber, Sreekaram and several more.
  • Feel good rom-com movies: Had a bad day at work? On days you feel low or are in the mood to live vicariously through meet-cutes in rom-coms, rent movies like The Holiday, Blast From The Past, When In Rome, She’s All That, Yes Man, Two Weeks Notice, Mr. Majnu and many more from Prime Video and get, set, and go watch.
You can rent the 'Barbie' movie on Prime Video—and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into the film.

In addition to these, you can explore other genres and collections such as science fiction, top-rated IMDb movies, documentaries, all-time classics and more on Prime Video. What’s more? You can download international movies dubbed in regional languages as well.