Fans of Made in Heaven can finally heave a sigh of relief as the long-awaited second season of the show is finally here!

The series takes you on a journey through the lives of Tara Khanna (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan Mehra (Arjun Mathur), two Delhi-based friends who are struggling to keep their wedding planning business afloat. All the while navigating challenges in their personal lives against the backdrop of opulent Indian weddings and deep-rooted social prejudices.

"The designs you see in the show aren't off the rack. Every piece was custom-made."

At the end of Season 1, fans saw Tara finally coming to terms with the fact that her marriage to Adil Khanna is beyond saving. Karan reunites with his high school sweetheart and unpacks some of the trauma he caused then, as well as the political blowback he is currently facing as a champion for abolishing article 377 of the Indian constitution. Both friends return to their office at the end of the season only to find it vandalized by political goons.

Arjun Mathur Made in Heaven

Three years later (the first season launched in 2019!), Season 2 is back to show fans where they are headed next. Made in Heaven is a sophisticated drama that explores the themes of love, loss, and identity. The show will premiere on Prime Video on 10 August at midnight. The season has 7 episodes in total and you don't have to wait to watch them as they are all releasing on the same day.

How to watch the show

It’s quite simple really: subscribe to Prime to get exclusive access to the show! Prime Video is included with your Prime membership, which costs ₹1,499 annually or ₹299 monthly. Prime members can enjoy Made in Heaven alongside thousands of other movies, series, and more that are included with a Prime membership.

From new characters and love triangles to true friendships, here’s everything the stars told us about Season Two.

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