Every step a mother takes goes a long way in shaping her child’s future. Every little thing that she does, every single day, is a stitch towards handcrafting a unique child. She is the support system, the best friend, the guiding light, the comfort, and the caregiver. As you take this Mother’s Day to thank her for her invaluable role in your life, here's what some actors are doing for Mother's Day.

Neha Dhupia, a young mother received an amazing hamper from Amazon India for Mother's Day. It contained an Amazon Echo, a Firestick, a L’Occitane set among other things. It also contained a Polaroid camera that tugged at her heartstrings. It reminded her of the numerous photographs her mother took with her during her childhood. Neha says those moments probably ignited her love for the camera and that new memories waiting to be created now!

Meanwhile, Soha Ai Khan Pataudi woke up to a surprise from Amazon India as well. A Firestick, a L’Occitane set, a Sa Re Ga Ma Carvaan and a collection of hardbound Tintin comics. She remembers childhood story sessions where her mother would read out to her from these books and tickle her every time something funny happened in the story. This newly published author’s love for books was inspired by her mother. She looks forward to spending Mother’s Day reading to her daughter from these books.

For Shilpa Shetty, Mother's Day took her back to the time when her mother fed me with her nurturing hands. She says about her mom , "Her cooking was so healthy, experimental and fun she made me fall in love with food. My passion for looking after myself and others comes from her. On this special day, I'm going to #deliverthelove by making her favorite meal and gifting her the Amazon Echo so she has her favorite recipes with one simple ask."

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