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15 desi quirky gifts for your cart—all made in India

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Made in India products - Amazon India
Here’s a list of 15 quirky products that are made in India and are available on Amazon India. So start reading and get ready to add these goodies to your cart.
Here’s a list of 15 quirky products that are made in India and are available on Amazon India. So start reading and get ready to add these goodies to your cart.
  • Cotton Wine Gifting Bag

    Plastic is tacky and paper tears, so make sure you slip your fine wine into 100% cozy cotton. Empower has a team of women from the Mishing tribe who produce these lovely cotton pouches. With the click of a button, you can have one delivered to your doorstep all the way from Northeast India.

  • Recycled Paper Pencils

    A Toyota Prius isn’t the only way to save the planet. These pencils can help you, too. How? Well, the body is made from recycled paper, which means you won’t have to cut down a tree to make it. And when you’re done, the end has a seed that can be planted. Yay for the planet.

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  • Laptop Briefcase made with Tyre Tubes

    Tyres don’t need to retire when they’re punctured thanks to Lifaffa! This business is helping the environment by upcycling tyre tubes to make 13” laptop briefcases.

    Tyre Bag Amazon India
  • Plantable Christmas Theme Potli

    This plantable pouch from Surprise Someone carries two surprises for the receiver! One is the gift you choose to put into it and the other is the seed bomb that comes with it. Order these Christmas crafts for it’s the season to be giving.

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    Potli Bags Amazon India
  • Printed Kalamkari Totes by TARAgram

    Bag yourself a great deal with this cotton tote by TARAgram! It’s handcrafted and features compartments to hold everything from your favorite lipstick to your smartphone.

    Taragram tote bag
  • Seashell figurine

    Did Sally sell seashells by the seashore? We aren’t sure about that. But we do know that you can buy a seashell figurine on Amazon. Buy this little work of art by Radhagobinda Handicraft by clicking here.

    Sea shell Amazon products
  • Bamboo Wine Holder

    If you hold onto a wine bottle for too long, you won’t be able to drink from the glass. Make life easier with this handcrafted bamboo wine holder by JAPI.

    Bamboo holder products
  • Pipili Craft Umbrella

    If you want somebody to stand under your umbrella like Rihanna did, you’ll need to buy one first. Thanks to Amazon you can get your hands on this beautiful Pipili Craft Umbrella!

    Made in India uique products
  • Meenakari Work

    If you’re looking for a work of art that oozes with Indian craftsmanship, look no further! This pooja thali by Tribes India has beautiful Meenakari work.

    Made in India uique products
  • Bamboo piggy bank

    A penny saved is a penny earned. If you’re old school and want to save money, you’ll want to invest some of that in this bamboo piggy bank by JAPI.

    Made in India uique products
  • The Ultimate Planner

    There’s no better way to ring in the new year and navigate through it than with this beautifully illustrated planner! Filled with doodles by the talented Alicia Souza, you’ll be thanking yourself for the purchase all year long!

    Made in India uique products
  • Plantable stationery kit by bioQ

    If you liked #2 on our list, you’re going to love this! The kit includes a notebook, 4 pens and 4 pencils that are ALL plantable.

    Made in India uique products
  • Romantic explosion box

    You’ve probably admired them on DIY books and wished you could make them. But why risk getting your fingers glued together when you can order a romantic explosion box online? Get your hands on this beautiful box handmade by Crack of Dawn Crafts.

    Made in India uique products
  • Tea gift box by TGL

    Anytime is a good time for tea! And since it’s ten minutes to tea, we highly recommend this beautiful box of assorted tea. It even comes with a strainer.

    Made in India uique products
  • Power gummies

    Tis the season to party! If you want your hair and nails looking great, you might want to get this bottle of multivitamins that also have biotin. These chewable gummies will have you feeling and looking better in time for 2020.

    gummies amazon india

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