Tens of thousands of Indian sellers that are a part of Amazon Global Selling will showcase millions of ‘Made in India’ products during Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sale from November 17-27. Indian exporters have already unveiled over 50,000 new products to be featured on Amazon's global websites across several countries. The BFCM sale marks the official start of the holiday shopping season in several countries. Amazon customers worldwide can explore a vast array of ‘Made in India’ products spanning categories such as home and kitchen, STEM toys, apparel, office products, jewellery, personal care, beauty, furniture and more.

The global holiday season which commences with the BFCM sale has always been a key growth period for Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling. With tens of thousands of Indian exporters showcasing a vast ‘Made in India’ selection to customers globally, we believe that the 2023 BFCM sale and the holiday season will help accelerate the growth of sellers on our program.
Bhupen Wakankar
Director, Global Trade, Amazon India

How Amazon supports Indian exports

Amazon recently slashed the subscription fee for Indian exporters joining the Amazon Global Selling program. Exporters can come on board until March 31, 2024 for just $1 (for the first three months) as compared to the regular fee of $120 ($39.99 per month). Amazon has also expanded its cross-border logistics program SEND to provide a hassle-free ocean freight logistics solution with end-to-end trackability at competitive rates. SEND, which has been active for over a year, provides air carrier services for small parcel delivery. SEND allows Indian exporters to ship their goods to Amazon fulfillment centers in the U.S through cross-border logistics services from multiple third-party service providers. The addition of ocean freight on SEND and the reduced subscription fee offer are part of Amazon’s endeavor to make exports easier and accessible for businesses of all sizes and we will continue to take steps to expand the ecommerce exports opportunity to lakhs of entrepreneurs across the country as we work towards our goal of enabling $20 billion in cumulative ecommerce exports from India by 2025,” says Wakankar.

Prime Day to Black Friday: Peak shopping throughout the year

Amazon Global Selling provides exporters access to multiple peak shopping seasons and global events throughout the year. Many sellers got a first-hand experience of this during Prime Big Deal Days sale (October 10-11): Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling saw their business grow nearly 70% YoY and 170% versus the business as usual period. During the Prime Day sale in July 2023, Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling saw their business grow nearly 70% (YoY). The highest growth was seen in categories like beauty <125% YoY growth>, apparel (122% YoY growth), home (81% YoY growth), furniture (75% YoY growth) and kitchen (52% YoY growth). The U.S., UK and Middle East drove maximum business growth for Indian exporters.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023: What Indian exporters expect

Indian exporters such as educational toys brand Skillmatics, organic textiles major Homespun Global, robotics venture Miko and leather goods maker Komal Passion Leather expect a massive jump in sales during BFCM. Dhvanil Sheth, Co-Founder & CEO at Skillmatics says, “We are eagerly awaiting the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend and have been running marketing campaigns on TV and social media leading up to this event. We anticipate 8-10x spike in sales (vs BAU sales) due to the increased traffic on Amazon and the exciting deals we have in store for our customers.”

Indian exporters during the holiday season

Homespun Global reported four-fold growth in business in 2023 as compared to the previous year. Peak shopping events like Prime Day contributed to nearly a 10% increase in sales as compared to BAU sales, says Hemanth Pisharody, Business Head of Homespun Global. “Our approach to peak events includes preparing for new launches, sprucing up our manufacturing, and designing the best deals and offers for our customers. We are really excited about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event and are looking forward to a similar business lift during the holiday season,” says Pisharody.

Miko had launched Miko Mini, a smaller version of its Miko 3 AI robot, during Prime Day this year. “It was quite a hit during Prime Day globally, expanding our customer base and generating over 20x spike in sales,” says Sneh Vaswani, Co-Founder and CEO. For BFCM, Miko is aiming big and running a promotion campaign on New York’s Times Square.

Komal Choudhary, the founder of Komal Passion Leather, always harboured an ambition to sell globally. The company’s business on Amazon nearly doubled year-over-year from 2022 and it is planning to launch a number of new products for the holiday season, says Choudhary.

What is Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a flagship exports program that helps lower the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs to start or expand their exports business using ecommerce. The program was launched in India in 2015 to help Indian exporters reach customers worldwide through Amazon’s international websites and marketplaces. Today there are more than 1.25 lakh exporters across India on the program, showcasing millions of Made in India products to customers in 200+ countries.