A piece of craft can tell a thousand stories, besides summarising hundreds of years of civilisation. India’s handmade heritage is diverse, spanning small clusters that a large cross section of our population might not have discovered yet. Amazon Karigar seeks to take the goodness of Indian arts and crafts to a larger global audience. The programme helps sellers join the ecommerce world and showcase intricate products that provide due recognition to local artisans. So far, more than 1.5 million artisans and weavers across India have become a part of the digital movement. Partnering with several government emporiums, Amazon Karigar is contributing to reviving Indian artforms by showcasing the work of artisans from remote corners of the country.

This Republic Day, immerse in ethnicity and nostalgia and explore the timeless classics meticulously produced by artisans, representing generations of learning and practice. Here are some bestsellers from state government-backed emporiums.

1. Shabari Emporium- Chhattisgarh

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The Shabari Emporium is a state government-run establishment that aims to bring local handicrafts of Chhattisgarh to a global platform. One can find an array of Dhokra products as bell-metal casting is one of the state’s enduring traditions. The Dhokra Crafted Bell Metal Decorative Cup & Saucer Set is made using the traditional bell-casting method that employs the lost technique of wax art.

Shop Now - Dhokra Crafted Handcrafted Bell Metal Decorative Cup & Saucer Set, Rs. 1,699 (originally Rs. 1,999) [You save Rs. 300]

2. Garvi Gurjari- Gujarat

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Garvi Gurjari was established in 1973 with the main objective of identification, revival, and development of handicrafts and handlooms of Gujarat. It markets the vivid handloom and handicrafts of the state. The emporium brings to the forefront thousands of artisans and weavers who are collectively working towards the revival of the age-old crafts of the land. Check out this intricately carved wooden box which features the traditional Gujarat Sadeli work. In this craft, the artisans carve out intricate patterns on teak or other local wood.

Shop now- Handcrafted Sadeli Work Wooden Multipurpose Box by Garvi Gurjari, Rs. 2,402 (originally Rs. 2899) [You save Rs. 497]

3. Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anushandhan Sansthan- Bihar

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UMSAS seeks to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Bihar handicrafts. The institute is focused on upskilling, workshops, and training programmes to grow and develop the craft sector and the artisans in an integrated manner. This Blessing Buddha idol is carved out of marble and is a perfect pick for any household because of its intricate and enthralling details. Browse the crafts of Bihar on the Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anushandhan Sansthan store on Amazon India.

Shop now- UMSAS Handmade Marble Buddha Idol, Rs. 549 (originally Rs. 600) [You save Rs. 51]

4. Himadri- Uttarakhand

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Himadri covers six craft clusters of Uttarakhand and the proceeds from the craft pieces go towards upskilling, knowledge development and other development activities centered around the craftsman. The crafts emporium offers a common platform to bridge the gap between the artisan community and buyers. It features woollen handlooms, cotton handlooms, and natural fibre items among others.

A perfect pick for your Republic Day wish list, this handcrafted natural fibre planter is made by Tharu Tribal women of the state. The planter features Moonj grass art.

Shop now- Himadri Handmade Natural Fiber Multipurpose Planters, Rs. 950

5. Rajeevika- Rajasthan

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Extending a larger platform for the crafts of Rajasthan, Amazon India had signed an MoU with Rajasthan Grameen Aajeevika Vikas Parishad in 2022 to digitise and empower the artisan community. Rajeevika works towards supporting the growth of women artisans and self-help groups (SHGs) across the state. With the MoU, artisans will benefit from increased customer demand, enhanced discovery of their products, and higher sales, especially during festive seasons.

The Cotton Women's Tote Bag manufactured by the Karnimata Rajeevika self-help group embodies the essence of homegrown with its detailed Warli painting. Take home this locally made masterpiece on Republic Day and witness the magic of Indian handicrafts.

Shop now- RAJ SAKHI Cotton Women's Tote Bag, Rs. 968

6. Tantuja Bengal Handloom – West Bengal

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The name ‘Tantuja’ has been derived from the word ‘tantu’ which means cloth. Active since 1954, Tantuja offers a wide range of collections from Baluchari and Jamdani, to everything that a handloom connoisseur yearns for. The emporium aims to offer holistic growth to weavers of this traditional craft. Browse the wide range of sarees on Tantuja Bengal Handloom’s Amazon.in page.

Shop now- TANTUJA BENGAL HANDLOOM Women's Tangail Cotton Saree, Rs. 1,099 (originally Rs. 1,999) [You save Rs. 900]

7. Lepakshi Handicrafts - Andhra Pradesh

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From the bright wooden miniature toys to the exquisite collection of hand-painted leather crafts and home decor, the Lepakshi crafts emporium is all things homegrown. Crafted of non-toxic and organic colours, this Etikoppaka Wooden Toy brings to the forefront the meticulous genius of the state’s craftsmen.

Shop now- Lepakshi Etikoppaka Toys Natraj Ganapathi Small Handmade Toy, Rs. 250 (originally Rs. 380) [You save Rs. 130]