Amazon India has launched Markets of Tamil Nadu, a dedicated digital storefront featuring local stores and dukaans from the state's popular markets. At launch, the storefront on lists more than 1 lakh products from over 4,300 local stores. You can now explore local shops such as Juicy Chemistry from RS Puram (Coimbatore), Varnaroopam Textiles from Puthu Mandapam Market (Madurai), Lulu Cotton from Puthu Mandapam Market (Madurai), Sri Kalpana Textiles from 1st and 2nd Agraharams (Salem), Prabu Jewellery from Shevapet (Salem), Karuna Toyss from Poulose Market (Coimbatore) and Senbagam Chettinad Snacks from Ganapathy (Coimbatore). These local stores are showcasing lakhs of attractive products across multiple categories, including clothing, beauty, jewellery and home décor to Amazon customers across the country.

Tamil Nadu and its markets go back centuries. Be it beautiful textiles or gold jewelry, the shops of Pondy Bazaar or Sowcarpet market have always been favorites for shoppers. Dried fruits & spices, silk sarees, Tanjavore paintings, cotton vestis, and leather products make shopping in Tamil Nadu’s markets an elevated experience.

Bringing the nostalgia alive

People from Tamil Nadu and across the country have been going to these markets for decades, and tourists coming into the city plan their itinerary to allow for a trip to their favourite shopping destinations. The Markets of Tamil Nadu storefront brings this nostalgia alive on, offering customers an immersive experience by taking them through the most popular and well-known markets of the state. Customers will be able to engage and learn more about these markets through interesting visual content, as well as shop from the comfort of their homes.

“Markets of Tamil Nadu is part of our Local Shops program that will bring thousands of physical stores from popular markets of Tamil Nadu on With the upcoming festive season, Amazon customers across India will be able to discover products from their favourite stores across the markets of Tamil Nadu on this dedicated storefront,” says Vivek Somareddy, Director, Fulfillment Channels at Amazon India. “Our Local Shops on Amazon program enables local offline retailers and neighbourhood stores to create a digital presence on and enhance their addressable customer base beyond the physical footfalls at stores, combining the trust and familiarity of the offline world with the ease and convenience of the online world,” adds Vivek.”

From traditional to digital

Over the years, Tamil Nadu markets have grown in popularity among patrons outside the state. On their part, store owners have always been looking to expand their customer base in their city and beyond.

With Markets of Tamil Nadu, a storefront created by Local Shops on Amazon, enables customers from all over India to easily search our products and buy them.
Dheeraj, seller

One such storeowner is Madan Raj, the owner of Balamurugan store, a retail store based in Mugulivakkam, Chennai. Madan joined the Local Shops program in 2022. Talking about the launch of Markets of Tamil Nadu, Dheeraj says, "We have been selling utensils and other kitchen products since many years and brought 50+ products online through our account this year. With Markets of Tamil Nadu, a storefront created by Local Shops on Amazon, enables customers from all over India to easily search our products and buy them. In addition to being pleased to be involved in this effort, I'm grateful that provides support and assistance to small sellers like us who are seeking to increase our customer base and achieve success.”