“I never thought I could pull off developing a property of this scale. Now it’s a 300,000 sq. ft. property.”

Sachin Naik had nurtured a dream of developing a beach resort in Goa for as long as he could remember. He never thought it would become a reality. The main focus of Sachin’s business has been to offer travel guests a delightful experience at his sprawling resort down in sunny Goa. He feels that if Riva, his hospitality company, has managed to achieve that, it is thanks in large doses to the support from Amazon Business.

Initial frustrations

Sachin Naik of Riva Resorts
Sachin Naik, the proud owner of Riva Resorts in Goa

When Sachin Naik had started out to establish his hospitality business, simple tasks like setting up an office had initially proved to be a difficult task. He had to appoint office boys to go to traditional wholesale markets for office furnishings and supplies in Mumbai city. The entire process would involve bargaining with various product vendors, packing all the goods as well as transporting them safely back to the office. Very often someone had to accompany the office boy to assist in this tiresome process.

In addition, if any goods were damaged during the transport, usually by bus, Sachin could do nothing about it. “With so much loss of time and money, I thought my dream might not come true. I wanted to give up so many times,” he says. When he was almost ready to throw in the towel, Sachin feels that Amazon Business came as a blessing into his life.

Transformation via Amazon Business

Riva Resorts from a distance
Riva Resorts

Amazon has been helping to transform the business ideas of passionate entrepreneurs like Sachin Naik into a reality. “Amazon Business made all our office purchases frustration free. All our needs are now just a click away,” says the young man.

He goes on to share the many advantages of the business support platform, including a transparent system that he feels nobody can misuse, a GST invoicing system for claiming his input tax credit, competitive prices and convenient doorstep delivery—all wrapped up in Amazon’s safe buying guarantee.

Amazon Business is a platform that provides purchasing solutions for registered businesses like that of Sachin Naik. Enterprises can shop online for business supplies on Amazon.in, where certain business sellers also offer volume discounts on bulk purchases of various office products.