Amazon India works closely with MSMEs to provide a unique selection and great deals while helping MSMEs go pan-India. Amazon has already digitised over 6.2 million MSMEs, including sellers, artisans and weavers, and delivery and logistics service partners.

If you are on the lookout for unique, differentiated products by small businesses, here are 5 ways to find the best deals:

1. Bookmark the exclusive small business deals page

One of the easiest ways to find products by small businesses is by bookmarking the dedicated Small Business Deals page and checking it regularly for exciting new deals. The page shows a rotating selection of incredible discounts from a diverse range of small businesses. This allows you to save big easily while supporting the small entrepreneurial sellers from across the country.

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2. Explore the Support Small storefront page for deals on products by small businesses

Shop from a curated collection by inspiring small and medium business sellers on the Support Small businesses storefront. This page makes it easy to find and purchase unique, one-of-a-kind products from these remarkable entrepreneurs. By doing so, you can directly contribute to the growth and success of these sellers.

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3. Use the ‘Small Business’ search keyword

You can also find the Support Small businesses storefront by simply entering the keyword ‘support small businesses’ in your search tab. This feature on allows you to narrow down your search results and easily discover the storefront featuring unique products from small businesses.

4. Connect directly with sellers for 1:1 video shopping assistance

1:1 video call assistance

The 1:1 video shopping assistance capability available on the Amazon mobile app allows you to directly reach out to seller or store representatives in real time for any pre-purchase assistance. Through this feature, sellers can showcase their products to you and resolve pre-purchase queries. This helps build trust and enables you to make confident purchase decisions on

Sellers enrolled on the 1:1 video shopping assistance can configure their daily/weekly availability through the Amazon’s Seller mobile app. This feature will not just improve customer experience but also provides an opportunity for sellers to grow their business on You can try this feature here.

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5. Watch and shop with Amazon’s unique video shopping experience

Watch and Shop feature for small sellers

Amazon has also introduced a unique video shopping experience store, where you can view videos of products sold by small and medium businesses. On the Watch and Shop page, you can explore a variety of products presented through engaging videos. This interactive shopping experience helps in discovering unique products while adding a personal touch to your shopping journey.