We’re less than a month away from our first ever #AmazonSmbhav and we are very excited at the prospect of hosting 3500+ very promising SMBs at Delhi on 15th & 16th January 2020. In my opinion, the role of SMBs in India is at the tipping point – one needs to simply coax the spark of ambition to create a domino effect. Successful SMBs will kindle widespread geographic, economic, infrastructural, social and systemic changes that hold the promise of benefiting India for multiple generations.

At this event, we hope to channel young Indian businesses, with pure entrepreneurial spirit, hungry for growth, to embracing the infinite possibilities eCommerce and new age technology can enable. We have created an unprecedented agenda built to inspire, engage and educate the diverse spectrum of SMBs joining us in Delhi. Further, I am privileged and glad to announce, we have a panel of eminent speakers like Mr. Narayana Murthy, Mr. Kishore Biyani, Mr. Piyush Pandey, Mr. Sandeep Kataria and many more such industry experts. These speakers will be presenting keynote speeches and joining us in several interesting sessions like panel discussions on ‘Physical Retail and eCommerce: Growing in Harmony’, ‘The 5 Trillion Dollar Economy – a challenging reality’ and many more! They will be sharing personal anecdotes and hacks that will change the way you view your business.

It personally also brings me joy to see that some of the speakers include SMBs very dear to India - successful entrepreneurs presenting their journeys of building their empires! Some of the topics including ‘Living the American Dream – in India’, ‘Small is the new Big’ and more. I would urge you to keep checking our agenda for more speaker and session unveils – we have a stellar line-up!

Another key aspect that I am looking forward to is that Amazon Smbhav is our first flagship event in India, bringing all Amazon verticals enabling SMBs under one roof! We have representation from leaders and teams from Amazon Web Services, Amazon Pay, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Business, Amazon Logistics and more! We are also joined by a host of other enterprises that are catering to the unique needs of India’s small businesses.

So if you are an SMB, expect to get exposed to the latest technology, services and products – tailored for your growth. It’s going to be a great 2 days of learning, networking and fun! What’s more, we will also be awarding young and impressive SMBs across multiple categories and recognizing their efforts.

We at Amazon sincerely believe in the power of enabling micro, small and medium businesses. We are committed to driving motivated SMBs to find success and even become multinational businesses. We believe that we can help you cross that tipping point and fortify your business.

So if you are an SMB asking if you have what it takes to take your business to the next level, I want to tell you ‘SMBhav hai’.

Check out http://bit.ly/2YWk0rg for details and reserve your spots.

Looking forward to seeing you all @ Smbhav’ 2020!