At a time when the market was getting flooded with Made in China electronic goods, a Delhi-based entrepreneur combined his childhood passion for electronics with his will to take competition head on. It was anything but easy – there was a surplus of low cost, ‘foreign-made’ products that confronted Manjeet Singh. Not one to be deterred by challenges, he went ahead with creating a range of quality electronic goods from a small rented room in his neighborhood. His love for all things electronic prompted him to take baby steps with the manufacturing journey, beginning with small cassette players and adding VCD and DVD players.

That’s how Embee Enterprises was born in a small rented room in Manjeet’s neighbourhood. The company started Manjeet off with baby steps into his quality electronics manufacturing journey. What started as a small cassette player business evolved with AV technology, moving into DVD and VCD and eventually into an MP3 players, car stereos, and home theater systems under the Tronica brand umbrella.

Make in India seller, makes it huge selling online
The generous response to Made in India products has opened a treasure trove of opportunities for indigenous businesses like mine.
Manjeet Singh, entrepreneur

Years later and in keeping with the times, Manjeet empowered his nearly two-decade-old Embee Enterprises, with an online marketplace presence through Amazon India. “The generous response to Made in India products and my brand Tronica was overwhelming and opened a treasure trove of opportunities for indigenous businesses like mine,” he states. Having learnt from his earlier inability to price his products as low as its Chinese counterparts, the Delhiite decided to test the online market with a new strategy. “I wanted to see how the market responds to my products and kept the price to a minimum,” he states. The result – a flurry of orders from all corners of the country. Along with an electronics category, he also began to store cables, mobile accessories as well as handicrafts and gift items.

Today Manjeet needn’t worry about marketing or shipping his products and can instead concentrate on expanding his product offering and maintaining quality. With a steadily rising turnover and positive feedback on his range of products, daily orders keep the entrepreneur in him busy and thinking. Exploring the potential of e-commerce and ‘going online with Amazon is the best decision I’ve ever made’, he feels.