When Amir Valani saw his father suffer with chronic back pain issue, he decided to take on to himself to manufacture smart wearable posture corrector called Strack. The idea behind this product was to provide 360 degree posture care. Strack focuses on improving posture and problems related to back and spine.

Strack together with AI helping in posture correction
Strack is tiny wearable posture corrector device that vibrates every time you slouch, thus helping you to improve and correct your posture. According to Amir, “Strack is also more like Fitbit for your spine. The product helps in posture correction, posture tracking, posture training and posture management. And all of this is done through Artificial Intelligence (AI).” While the process of using this product is very simple, the output is extremely data driven and useful. The product needs to be connected to the app (available for free on iOS and Android phones) on the phone and then you need to place the product using an adhesive to your back. Allow yourself to sit straight and calibrate the finding.

Functioning of the product
Strack works on two operation modes. One is the coach mode and other is the manual mode. The coach mode helps to train the user with personalised training sessions with pre-determined goals. Coach mode has 30 days coaching sessions. Each coaching session (day) has daily goal per hour based on your personal profile which is your recommended training time for the coaching session. The other mode is the manual mode which helps user to train on his own, with customised goals.

Once you are all connected with the mobile and have your product placed in the right position, you are all set to go. The minute you slouch or get into a wrong posture, the product vibrates and reminds you to sit upright. At the same time your posture is tracked live on the mobile so you also have the option of turning off the vibration and continue tracking your posture on the mobile. All the data related to your spine is tracked on the mobile and it includes – the number of times you sit in a bad posture, the number of steps you have taken per hour and such like.

A made in India product
Strack is designed, developed and manufactured in Bangalore. With a manufacturing unit spread out across 2000 square feet, the unit includes a lab area that has a design and development team of 10 members as of today. Without entering the offline space, the product was launched on Amazon through Amazon Launchpad on November 2018. Talking about Amazon at length and how Amazon enabled them to sell the product better Amir said, “Amazon Launchpad team has been very helpful and has always guided us the right way. They gave us great visibility and we were searched by people who were looking for smart gadgets. Our revenue has also consistently seen a month-on-month growth. I would, without doubt, recommend other sellers to be on Amazon.”