The North-East states of India have a variety of natural resources that make it an attractive region for small and medium businesses. Through, we bring to you the seller success stories of 2 popular brands, The Bamboowala and Tribes India that have amplified the awareness of arts and crafts across India, taking the beauty and culture of their region to customers across the country today.

Love for sustainable handicrafts with The Bamboowala

Bamboo handicrafts are a part of Tripura’s lesser-celebrated culture that Swattik Chakraborty aims to take to customers across India, with the help of his handicrafts brand, The Bamboowala (SS Bamboowala Pvt. Ltd.).

While the creation of bamboo handicrafts has long been traditional to Tripura, Swatiik is quick to explain how traditional crafts and craftsmanship have lost their importance due to the commercialization of the state in recent years. So when he founded the company in 2019 in Agartala, Tripura, Chakraborty received the backing of the State and Central Governments to facilitate his business online. But for this entrepreneur, the journey to success has been a long and challenging one.

While he had the advantage of starting from a remote location and no competition to challenge his product, the limitations of low resources, tedious documentation processes, and high costs of shipping led to a few difficulties when Swattik decided to take his brand PAN-India.

“Before the lockdown, we focused only on the B2B segment. However, during the months of March to May last year, we decided to venture out into the B2C segment as well to see how the market reacts”, says Chakraborty, adding how Amazon was instrumental in them having the confidence to expand.

Through its online store, facilitated by Amazon Karigar, The Bamboowala currently caters to customers from Tier I, II, and III cities in India with most orders coming in from the Southern part of the country. In the next few years, it wants to expand globally and make people realize how this untouched industry has the potential of driving a great market share, all with the help of Amazon.

You can purchase The Bamboowala’s sustainable products as home decors or precious gifting options. Some of their bestsellers include their 7-inches wall hanging and the bamboo fans.

Glory of tribal expressions by Tribes India - TRIFED

The capital of Assam, Guwahati, is not just popular for its temples and festivals but also glorifies art and craft. Bringing tribal expressions to consumers across India, Tribes India, under the name TRIFED, creates delicate handlooms and beautiful handicrafts, made with love by the tribal population in Guwahati. The tribal artisans combine ancient traditions with the contemporary designs of today to create various home decor and gifting options.

Through, the brand has been able to garner the attention of thousands of consumers from several states, including the big metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

From authentic tribal textiles including shawls and stoles made out of Sheep and Angora; Mugga and Eri silk from the North East to Tassar from Jharkand, there are various popular options for sarees for women, and kurtas to badhgala jackets for men. Intricate jewelry pieces consisting of Dokhra beads by the tribes of Nagaland, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh in the region are made to complement traditional outfit ideas for every occasion.

You can view their entire catalog featuring cane and bamboo wall hangings and mats, Dokhra metal crafts, Longpi tableware and crockery, and their one-of-a-kind tribal paintings on the store.

Turn over a new leaf with sustainable products, brought to you by these fairly new brands. With every purchase made, you can help flourish their business as they strive to expand their wings beyond the borders of the country, with the help of