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Peora was a six-year-old jewellery venture at the end of 2012, and while it enjoyed a fair share of customers, it still had to recover like its peers from a global recession that had preceded. At around the same time, with the advent of e-commerce in India, Peora started its new and more successful chapter as Aheli on Amazon India.
Before scaling up globally, the brand took a couple of years to gather a thorough understanding of the ecosystem of selling internationally and dabbled with various styles of jewellery on Amazon India. This exercise eventually helped them find a brand identity that was aligned with their sense of aesthetic and resonated well with their global customers.

While gaining a foothold in the e-commerce system, it took Aheli a couple of years to understand the essence of brand identity, and eventually scale up. Under the brand name Aheli, they started selling fashion jewellery internationally in 2017 through Amazon Global Selling Program. "Our bets paid off and we have been achieving a robust 50% YOY revenue growth over the last three years, and have quickly become a topselling Indian jewellery brand on Amazon," says Shreya Vora, founder Aheli.

They struck a chord with the global audience almost immediately and began to flourish. Their aim was to offer the latest trends in Indian jewellery to global audiences at competitive yet affordable prices. While it was Aheli’s first venture into the global markets, Amazon became the bedrock it needed and has been their key export partner ever since.

A bunch of 25 highly motivated individuals with a majority of them women, 120 branches across both retail and e-commerce platforms and a global presence – all of it, complemented by Amazon’s support, has now made Aheli a household name world over.
While global markets gave Aheli a larger customer base for Indian jewellery, Amazon Global Selling provided a reliable and scalable platform to grow and expand their footprint. For Aheli, this is just the beginning of their journey with Amazon, which has been and will always continue to be of pivotal importance in their e-commerce growth strategy. "Our focus on quality has enabled us to garner thousands of positive product reviews from Amazon customers around the world, and maintain a 4.7 star average rating, " says Shreya.