Amazon has been testing different Prime membership pricing plans in the last 15 months so that customers in India can have a hassle-free, rewarding shopping experience that’s customised to their nuanced shopping preferences. There are multiple membership tiers that cater to different customer needs and income segments: eligible Amazon customers can choose a Prime tier which best fits their requirement.

An Amazon Prime membership gets you access to exclusive deals, blockbuster entertainment, and fast delivery—but there's more, so much more!

Prime Shopping Edition: The latest addition

Amazon has introduced Prime Shopping Edition, an annual membership plan at Rs 399 for Android mobile users. Prime Shopping Edition is currently being tested specifically for customers that are looking for shipping and shopping benefits only. This membership plan does not include any digital or entertainment benefits such as Prime Video or Amazon Music. “Prime Shopping Edition will introduce online shopping to many Indian consumers who might be reluctant to commit to digital or entertainment benefits presently. Over time, they will discover all the other benefits that a Prime membership has to offer,” says Jamil Ghani, Vice President, Amazon Prime. “India has always been and will always be a priority for Amazon. The diversity and value-consciousness of the range of customers across the country present great opportunities for Innovation for Amazon Prime,” Ghani adds. Prime Shopping edition is a limited period offering and not all customers will currently be able to access the plan. Amazon will keep customers informed when they will be able to access to the plan. Customers are already able to choose between Prime (all Prime benefits) and Prime Lite - all Prime benefits with the exception of Prime Reading, Prime Gaming and Prime Video access being limited to one device. “With Prime tiers, we continue to make investments to make Prime the most loved membership and drive value for our customers,” says Ghani.

Amazon Prime membership plans

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, which was launched in India in 2016, offers a compelling selection of shipping (same day delivery on close to 1M+ products and 1-day delivery across 4M+ products), shopping (no minimum limit on cart order; Prime Early access window for shopping events such as Prime Day and the Great Indian Festival) and entertainment benefits (Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming and Prime Reading). Here's a quick refresher on all the perks you can enjoy as a Prime member.

Prime takes the very best of what Amazon offers and gives members fast, free delivery, savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in one affordable membership.

Amazon Prime makes ecommerce a daily activity

Prime plays a huge role in how Amazon is making ecommerce a part of everyday life in India. It brings great content and product access into smaller towns and takes the ecommerce phenomenon to tier 2, tier 3 cities and beyond. Prime membership provides customers with great value and encourages them to shop and stay engaged and entertained from the comfort of their homes.

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