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A Jaald Store started out as a local leather business in Rajasthan, and today they are a brand with customers all across Europe. They offer their customers different kinds of luggage, hand bags, satchels, backpacks and leather bound journals. A Jaald Store is now one of the torchbearers of self-sustenance and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are passionate about delivering handcrafted leather products and accessories to customers across the world with support from Amazon.

Leather sets them apart

A Jaald Store employs vegetable tanning and steers clear of all the chemicals usually used to treat leather. From the beginning, they have employed the most traditional methods of creating leather products to help enhance its unique characteristic. They employ artisans who share the passion of reviving old leather art and ensuring the treatment is 100% eco-friendly. This method may be time-consuming, but the finished product brings to them an unbeatable sense of pride.

"The growth for A Jaald Store has been phenomenal, and we continue to grow and evolve. We are super excited to explore several new markets in many more countries with Amazon in the future," says Hussain Gurana Founder, A Jaald Store.

India is one of the top exporters of the finest leather which opens up indefinite opportunities for A Jaald Store. A Jaald Store has expanded with time and the dedicated support provided by Amazon.

The relationship between A Jaald Store and Amazon dates back several years. When Fulfillment By Amazon was introduced, A Jaald Store used to sell about two units per day.
Since then, their footprint has expanded overseas to the European markets with Amazon Global Selling. They presently sell over 180 units per day.