In today's day and age, when busy schedules are the norm, one often needs quick-fix food solutions that are high on nutritive value and low on junk. Avnish Chhabria wanted to find something better than just supplements available on the shelf.

"The need to feed my body better took me around the world to find answers. I discovered that nutrition could consumed smartly," he says and thus was born the idea of his startup Wellbeing Nutrition, which he set up in 2019.

Avinash Chhabria. Wellbring Nutrition
Photo by ADHYAN

Declared as one of the winners of Global Selling Propel Startup Accelerator program, the brand has a range of immunity boosters, organic Apple Cider Vinegars, and Melts that fulfill your need to have a balanced and nutritious diet. The company sources its blends and ingredients from 19 countries and has 164 suppliers widespread across the globe. With popular choices like Daily Greens made of plant-based whole foods and India’s first effervescent tablet, the company wishes to create the future of clean and pure nutrition.

Wellbeing Nutrition which started as a $400 company has grown multifold in 2 years and is excited to bring forth the world’s first plant-based melatonin supplement with ingredients sourced from the Amazon forests. This October, they have also signed a partnership with Marvel and Disney to launch the kids’ version of their popular Melts.

Extensive research into products

Speaking about the nutritive value of food, and research that went into the products, Chhabria says, "Every bit of nutrition extracted by the plants in the company’s range of products is brought out by people who love and understand food. By dehydrating vegetables like kale and broccoli, it was fascinating to see the number of nutrients that could be extracted from them. We utilized 30-40 bags of fresh-cut greens for our research that continued for approximately 2 years.”

We utilized 30-40 bags of fresh-cut greens for our research that continued for approximately 2 years.
Avnish Chhabria
Founder, Wellbeing Nutrition

The company consulted leading scientists from Berlin University, Germany, to understand the functioning of probiotics and how they can be utilized as smart alternatives to rich meals. “It took us four and a half years of research to procure organic sources of Vitamin C and Zinc. Our alternatives are UCFA certified, and we take pride in being transparent about our ingredients because they are indeed beneficial for the human body," explains Chhabria.

After the win, the road ahead

As one of the top 3 winners of the Amazon Global Startup Accelerator Program, Wellbeing Nutrition has plans to expand its existing consumer base to more global locales and outlets. They sell their products across 1000 stores in the Middle East and 6000 stores in England. While they are already prevalent in, they plan to grow in outlets like Whole Foods by the end of this quarter.

“We have a strong offline presence in India, UK and UAE markets,” says Chhabria, adding. “Through Amazon’s seller portal, we have been able to corner most of the towns and cities in India. And going global too has also become convenient with just the click of a button. Amazon provides excellent support to startups to set up their businesses on the platform making the whole process smooth.”