LIFAFFA: Upcycled waste to recycled fashion

New lifafa Amazon India

Ever imagined discarded fabric scraps, seatbelts, polybags, and even tyre tubes turning into trendy fashion accessories? That’s exactly what the Amazon Saheli partner, LIFAFFA, brings you on the Saheli Store. This unique brand sells bags, luggage and accessories handcrafted by rag pickers, empowering some of India’s poorest to live a life of dignity.
The entrepreneurs behind LIFAFFA, Anita and Kanika Ahuja, designed high-fashion from waste products, before empowering rag pickers to handcraft the products themselves. Today the brand earns close to Rs. 10,000 every month on an average, selling sustainable fashion on Amazon’s global marketplace provides the small business with a big opportunity and a larger social impact.
It is surely a social transformation in the making, when the rag picker community begins to identify discarded waste as raw materials for their own small factory!

LIFAFFA was born of a desire to combat India’s twin problems of poverty and waste through sustainable fashion.

TEE-TOTE-LER: Saving the planet: One tote bag at a time!

Tee totler Amaozn India

Our planet continues to live with hope when citizens like this group of disadvantaged women artisans create sustainable products.
Plastic bags may have become officially banned in many of our cities, but it is only when responsible citizens like the women behind the ‘Tee-tote-ler’ brand decide to do something about it that it becomes a reality.
The convenience of plastic shopping bags carries a very high cost to the environment that very few of us realize. It is this very real environmental threat that Tee-tote-ler addresses.
While trying to bring about a drastic environmental change, the non-profit organization also empowers underprivileged women with emotional and financial security. The small business today makes as much as Rs. 21,000 a month on an average for its group of women.
As these environmentally friendly women’s bags become ever popular on the Amazon Saheli Store, the busy hands behind the products find dignity and employment.

The urgency to eradicate plastic from the face of the Earth is what inspired us to create our brand Tee-tote-ler.
Nitu Singh

IWAS: Traditional weaves turn haute couture

iwas Amazon India

Yesterday ‘I was a sari’, but today I’ve re-imagined myself into high fashion accessories from scarves and stoles to hand clutches and beaded jewellery!
IWAS is all about empowering the women who’ve worn the saree for years. Inspired by the works of the Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate and the founder of Grameen Bank, Prof. Yunus, IWAS has taken an eco-ethical approach to fashion. Constantly transforming the saree into sustainable products that care about the social, environmental and financial impact IWAS products not only transform the sari but also transform the lives of the women artisans who handcraft the saree lovingly into fashionable designs. This has helped women from the local community learn new skills, generate a steady income to sustain their households, giving them confidence and a new lease of life!

We are a zero dividend initiative who invest all profits back into advancing our main cause: women’s empowerment.

This brand's toying with kids!

Toiing Amazon India

Need to connect with children in a meaningful way? Play with 'em! Yes, that's the premise that this brand works with. Toiing is a unique brand that focuses on children's games and innovative DIY products. The small business has been successfully retailing it's products on, having scaled up in a very short period. Born of the need today's busy parents feel about spending quality time with their children, the brand seems to have hit the right emotional chords.
From less than Rs. 25,000 a month, Toiing has grown by close to 40x since Jan 2018. It went on to clock in sales worth Rs. 15 lakh in October 2018. The brand is now planning to launch and expand their EQ range of toys designed to develop social & emotional learning in children - this would be a first of its kind range in India. Apart from that they will be expanding their range of thoughtful return gifts and birthday party organiser kits along the lines of their Party in a Box kit.

Toiing crafts opportunities for parents to bond with their children through thoughtfully designed toys and games, because families that play together, grow together