Faster. Smarter. Cooler. Who does not like getting their hands on a spiffy new mobile phone model? But does it always have to come at a high price for both you and the environment? Did you know that in 2020, the Global E-waste monitor declared India as the third-largest country in the world to generate tonnes of electronic waste?

Want a solution? You got one with Amazon Renewed - a program that offers umpteen benefits by helping you purchase products from your favourite brands at completely pocket-friendly prices without compromising on quality and performance.

The program was introduced in India in 2017 with more than 3000+ products from 100+ sellers. At the time, the concept of recycling was fairly new to Indian consumers. Fast-forward 4 years, it has now become a favourable choice for contemporary consumers who want the best on a budget.

Need more reasons to buy with Amazon Renewed? Here are the top reasons to purchase from us today,

  1. Go Green & Clean - Amazon India’s program provides refurbished products with 6 months seller backed warranty and also ensures that you contribute to a greener environment. How is that you ask? When you buy refurbished products, you help in increasing the longevity of partially used goods or unused products, thus reducing the amount of electronic waste on the planet.
  2. Be Spoilt for Choice - Not just smartphones or laptops, Amazon Renewed offers a wide range of refurbished products across various categories. From headphones to speakers, kitchen appliances, cameras, fans, and more, with Amazon’s vast selection of refurbished products, you can buy the best brands on the market at reasonable prices.
  3. Tried & Tested - Every product that is part of Amazon Renewed is thoroughly inspected by qualified suppliers to ensure it is in complete working condition before it is sold to customers. Although Amazon renewed products might not come in their original packaging, we ensure that you receive all the accessories intact with your purchase.
  4. Performance Guaranteed - We want you to be delighted with your purchase, but if you aren’t completely satisfied, you are backed by a minimum 6 month warranty. The seller will repair your product or will provide a replacement or refund within 6 months of your receipt in case it turns out to be defective within the warranty period.

Green initiatives for a greener planet is widely recognized for engaging in various sustainability efforts for the environment. Since last year, the shift from plastic mailers to paper mailers has been significant for all deliveries made across India. In fact, the company is working towards reducing the order packaging by providing you all items on a single day instead of packing multiple products in different boxes. So while the company practices the 3 Rs for the environment - reduce, reuse and recycle - you can also do your part in reducing the e-waste on the planet.

You can call the toll-free number (1800 103 7394) to avail the company’s in-house recycling initiative for electronic items including laptops, mobiles, and other appliances, in addition to Amazon products including the Kindle, the devices in the Echo range, and the FireTV stick. The recycling partner, Retek Envirotech, will pick up the items from your house and help you in disposing your old devices in a sustainable manner.

So whether you’re looking to give dad a new reading device this Father’s Day or buy your significant other a new phone, Amazon Renewed promises smart electronic purchases for every need, every time. Take the first step towards living an environmentally conscious lifestyle.