An Amazon mom getting a makeover

Who could be more deserving of a pampering grooming and styling session than a perpetually busy working mother? Don’t you agree that our hardworking moms make the perfect candidate for makeovers? That’s exactly what this informal networking group at Amazon India thought too! Amazon Supermoms is an informal group of working mothers in Amazon India. Their objective is to create a platform for voicing their common concerns, exchanging parenting tips, helping, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences, while having some fun along the way.

Mommy’s makeover event

Supermoms of Amazon posing for a picture

Organised in association with Amazon Beauty, the event had a hairstyling session and some cool gift hampers sponsored by Havell's India. Amazon Supermoms celebrated its maiden event with a fun makeover session ahead of Mother’s Day. “This was a very special event for the core group, which aspires to spread happiness and well-being among working mothers in Amazon. All we wanted to convey was that it is time to celebrate yourself as a mother, and if you’re a working mother, do pat your back every day because while it’s not easy to be a mother, being a working mother is an achievement!,” explained Sweta, an Amazon Supermom. The event saw working mothers discuss relevant topics on parenting and juggling home and work. They also had fun playing group games and sampling a delicious spread of snacks and beverages. The event highlight, however, was a hair styling and makeover session, courtesy Amazon Beauty.

Welcome break

A great break for the hardworking women, each of the transformed beauty queens left sporting a bag of hair styling goodies and a huge smile! “It was a fun-filled, very welcome break. It was also encouraging to see so many mothers making it to work and excelling every day. I am looking forward to more such connects in future,” shared Sikha Agrawalla. A sentiment echoed by Jeny, another group member, who said, “We need more such fun and informative sessions for all moms!” In her opinion, “Mothers are angels in disguise! And Mother’s Day, to my mind, is not just a day for celebrations, but that one day when all mothers must remember to feel proud of themselves!” Added Preeti, “As a young mom who still leans on her own mom, this Mother’s Day is going to be very special for me. Firstly, I can’t thank my mom enough for all her support; and secondly, it’s also the time to recognise the joy and happiness that motherhood has brought me.”