The success of any Amazon shopping event is a culmination of many teams coming together - including the last mile enablers, the delivery partners and associates. This year, the Amazon Prime Day that was conducted in India on July 26 and 27 saw great success, and some pleasant surprises too! Amazonians ensured that the mammoth efforts behind Prime Day, even as India is just coming cautiously out of the pandemic, was absolutely worth it – and especially for the delivery partners. They did this by starting an 'appreciation campaign.'

Celebrating all those who deliver packages to customers each day

We, at Amazon, work with thousands of individual Delivery Partners (DPs), Flex partners, small retailers partnering on I Have Space (IHS) program and business owners called Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), who employ Delivery Associates (DAs) to deliver packages to customers across India. “This ‘appreciation campaign’ is the culmination of teams coming together with a shared goal: to celebrate partners who deliver packages to customers each day with a smile. They are the key enablers of a great delivery experience,” said Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile, Amazon. “Our delivery partners have played a critical role through the COVID-19 pandemic After the year we have had as a country, we want to continue investing in the delivery partner experience, and that starts by letting them know,that Amazon India truly appreciates the hard work they put in to deliver smiles.”

Setting up warm appreciation corners

So what did the 'appreciation camapign' look like? Well, the delivery partners , while delivering the orders during Prime Week, received unprecedented warmth from Amazonians and their families , who welcomed them with adorably decorated ‘appreciation corners’ along with snacks, beverages and thank you notes! The idea was that the delivery partners can enjoy the light snacks and beverages during their busy day, and a simple ‘Thank you’ note would brighten up their day.

Akhil Saxena, Vice President - APAC, MENA and LATAM Customer Fulfilment Operations , Amazon, said on a LinkedIn post: “We are all set to deliver smiles to our customers in India this Prime Day, and it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing delivery partners. I would like to take a moment to share my appreciation, and a big THANK YOU for our thousands of delivery partners for their relentless efforts through the year and this Prime Day. Here’s a little ‘appreciation corner’ I have set up outside my house to thank our wonderful delivery partners who are delivering my orders this Prime Day.”