At Amazon, we value qualities like leadership, commitment, and passion. These qualities are embodied by the many military veterans who work across our businesses. These former military personnel possess a unique ability to think big and act quickly, making them valuable to Amazon's fast-paced culture. Their unwavering dedication and strong sense of duty align perfectly with Amazon's customer-centric approach, where raising the bar in everything you do is a priority. 

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Recognising the significance of supporting and empowering military veterans during their transition to the corporate world, Amazon has established a global affinity group called Warriors@Amazon. This employee community acts as a platform for collaboration, networking, and providing essential support.

Amazon has also forged strategic partnerships with multiple government organisations to ensure continued support for military veterans. These collaborations allow Amazon to tap into the remarkable talent pool within the armed forces, expanding the company's engagement in hiring veterans with exceptional skills and expertise. A dedicated Military Talent Pool website serves as a gateway for veterans to explore meaningful career paths and pursue rewarding roles at Amazon.

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Read on to know how these military veterans raise the bar at Amazon through their remarkable contributions.

Himani Thapliyal

Bringing military-honed traits of resourcefulness, discipline and stress management to the job

military veterans at Amazon

Growing up in the mountains with a forward-thinking father helped shape Himani Thapliyal’s beliefs in equality and boldness of thought. Her 14-year stint as an officer in the Indian Army moulded the true leader in her and prepped her for the second leg of her professional journey as the Cluster Manager of Security, Loss and Prevention at Amazon. “In the Army, I was the first female officer in my regiment and this helped me gain a lot of experience in diverse terrains and operations. These experiences instilled certain practices such as doing things correctly, leading by example, and thinking big – values that seamlessly aligned with Amazon's ethos. In my present role, I bring my military-honed traits of resourcefulness, discipline, and problem-solving to ensure security and loss prevention metrics are effectively managed for sites spanning two states,” she says.

Thapliyal believes her strength lies in streamlining systems, delivering customer delight and fostering innovation. Also, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just words for Thapliyal; they are integral to her leadership philosophy. “I take great pride in leading a team that authentically reflects the diversity of our global community. My military background has helped me create an inclusive environment,” she adds. Thapliyal also contributes to diversity efforts by training some of the senior employees under the Amazon Women In Security (AWIS) program. She also facilitates ‘Listening Circles’ to support women employees via open conversation with leaders.

Gautam Mohan

A second-generation military officer who has held diverse roles within Amazon

military veterans at Amazon

Gautam Mohan, a senior manager in Amazon’s People Experience and Technology team, is a second-generation military officer with a 20-year career. Driven by a family legacy of combined military service spanning nearly 60 years, Mohan dreamt of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming an army officer. Commissioned in 1994, he opted for voluntary retirement in 2014 and joined Amazon in 2017. His experience across teams such as Digital and Devices, Alexa support, HR, and Talent Acquisition, reflects his versatility and commitment to continuous learning and growth.

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“One of my life-altering experiences was getting introduced to the unique culture of Amazon, guided by the Leadership Principles (LPs). It is amazing to see how the entire organisation comes together, steered by the LPs, to achieve a common goal – enhancing customer experience,” he says. So why should companies hire more veterans? Mohan highlights their invaluable attributes, such as a focus on mission accomplishment, teamwork skills, leadership at all levels, resilience under pressure, and their quick ability to learn new skills as key reasons.

Girish Visweswaran

A fan of Amazon Prime who believes in earning trust

military veterans at Amazon

Girish Visweswaran, currently the regional lead for Workplace Health & Safety for AMXL (Amazon Extra Large), Air and Rail Transportation at Amazon India, brings a unique blend of experience from his 23-year military career in supply chain and logistics. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy who also holds MBA from IIM Calcutta, Visweswaran has exceled in diverse roles serving as instructor, system analyst, as well as, a Military Staff Officer for the UN Peacekeeping Force in Africa. He has also held leadership positions such as Commanding Officer in Siachen and Eastern India.

The Amazon LPs, particularly 'Earn Trust', resonate deeply with Visweswaran, reminding him of his time spent in places with extreme weather such as Siachen. His commitment to collaborative improvements and inclusive communication is evident in his advocacy for diverse opinions and suggestions within the community. He is also a strong advocate for fostering an inclusive work environment at Amazon, recognising the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and productivity. His favourite Amazon service is Amazon Prime, which he praises for its game-changing impact on e-commerce and retail, offering early deliveries, a diverse library of streaming options, and exclusive offers.

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On why organisations should hire military veterans, he says, “Military veterans bring a unique set of qualities to the workplace—leadership, adaptability, resilience and a strong commitment to teamwork. Their training often includes a focus on discipline, problem-solving, and a results-driven mindset, making them valuable assets across various roles and industries. By considering veterans for your hiring needs, you not only contribute to their successful transition to civilian life but also tap into a workforce known for dedication, integrity and a proven ability to perform under pressure.”

Nisha Gupta

Customer obsession is this military veteran's superpower

military veterans at Amazon

Nisha Gupta’s transition from commanding officer and senior IT and communications officer in the Indian Air Force to an integral cog in Amazon’s Supply Chain Solutions team has been remarkable. Gupta, now a Supply Chain Solutions Program Manager within Amazon’s OTS (OpsTech Solutions) Supply Chain, brings a decade of service as a military veteran to her role. Raised in Delhi, she credits her late parents for instilling values of integrity, hard work and self-improvement.

In the Indian Air Force, Gupta’s expertise in program management, project planning and communication services administration was recognised with a prestigious commendation for professional excellence in IT management. Amazon's Day 1 culture particularly resonates with her. Gupta emphasises the alignment of veterans' qualities, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability with successful organisational values. Her superpower at Amazon is customer obsession, Gupta says. “I am eager about tackling challenging projects and collaborating with my internal teams to achieve timely results for customers. Learning customer initiatives and pre-empting potential issues by proactively implementing my knowledge is what thrills me the most." Her commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion particularly aligns seamlessly with Amazon's ethos.

Abhishek Tiwari

"My favourite Leadership Principle is ownership: it encapsulates all other leadership principles."

military veterans at Amazon

Abhishek Tiwari, an operations manager in the Program Initiative for Compliance, Continuity, and Center of Excellence (PICCCE) within Global Solutions and Risk Compliance (GSRC) at Amazon, attributes his seamless transition to the innate leadership qualities and discipline instilled during his time as Lieutenant Commander in the Indian Navy.

After serving 12 years in the Indian Navy, he joined Amazon in October 2021. Tiwari initially managed a team supporting global trade compliance for the North American marketplace before spearheading the implementation of Extended Producers Responsibility, which is a key risk compliance process. His strengths lie in analysing problems and finding effective solutions, building customer trust, and fostering innovation. He also plays a crucial role in leading and developing his team, even bagging the "Amazonians Who Inspire" award in Q4, 2023.

“My favourite Amazon LP is ownership, as it encapsulates all other leadership principles. The second one I like, which is unique to Amazon, is ‘have a backbone: disagree and commit’, which is about challenging decisions when you disagree, and committing after a decision is made. Amazon's leadership principles are more than just words; they're the bedrock of a culture that empowers me to thrive and contribute meaningfully,” he says.