At Amazon India, the beacon of innovation shines brightly with what each Amazonian brings to the table. Despite their diverse backgrounds, every Amazonian is united by a common goal: Customer obsession.

This festive season, Amazon India celebrates the relentless spirit of Amazonians and associates across our operations network who lead by example and inspire others, with the #WeAreAmazon campaign. It spotlights the efforts of Amazon employees, associates, and partners who go above and beyond to make the festive season special for their colleagues and customers. Meet some of our champions.

Happiness is contagious

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Suma says Amazon has helped her become financially independent

Suma, a Delivery Associate with a Delivery Service Partner of Amazon India, was born and brought up in Bangalore. She lives with her husband and two kids. Her husband works as a carpenter. Suma always dreamt of becoming financially independent so that she could help her husband support the family and give her kids a good life.

Sharing her experience, she said, “Amazon has not only enabled a good work opportunity, but has also helped me become financially independent. My life has changed a lot; working for a big company like Amazon I get a good name. So, when someone asks my children about where I work, they proudly say that I work at Amazon.”

“The festive season is a good time for gifting, customers buy gifts for others, and when we deliver those gifts it makes them very happy, and seeing the smiles on their faces makes me happy too,” said Suma.

Creativity that knows no bounds

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Sumith says he is thrilled to be a part of the Local Shops team at Amazon

Sumith K, Program Manager, Local Shops, Amazon India, has been associated with the organization for the last eight years. In his tenure, he has worn many hats and provided customers with cutting-edge innovations.

Speaking about his role and the enormous possibilities it entails, Sumith said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Local Shops team as it provides me with an opportunity to collaborate with various teams within Amazon and deliver projects that help drive success for sellers. It also offers possibilities for ideation and execution of strategies to explore new avenues. I also enjoy being as creative as I can. At Amazon, while we work hard and deliver results we also ensure that we have fun while doing so,”

Adding further he said, “The festive season is an exciting time for both sellers and customers. While customers look forward to buy and shop more, on the other hand sellers look forward to sell more and reach customers across the country.”

It’s all about ‘Earning Trust’

Pallavi Singh says 'Earn Trust' is her favourite Amazon leadership principle
Pallavi Singh says 'Earn Trust' is her favourite Amazon leadership principle

For Pallavi Singh, Senior Manager, Prime Shopping, IN Prime, it all begins with how deeply teams at Amazon connect and bond with each other—imbibing trust and camaraderie in whatever they do.

Singh said, “What makes Amazon peculiar is the way the leadership principles are embedded into day-to-day work including onboarding, performance reviews, etc. They guide us through challenging situations and help make decisions at all levels.”

Which of Amazon’s 14 leadership principles resonate the most with Pallavi? “I think Earn Trust is that one Leadership Principle which acts as a lubricant to the huge machine you are running by partnering with people. This also allows me to connect at a deeper level with my peers/teams and motivate them to accomplish things even when the odds are not favorable.”

Speaking about the Great Indian Festival 2022, Singh added, "The Amazon Great Indian Festival kicked off to an exciting start with a great response from customers and seller partners. We are humbled by the increase in new Prime member sign ups and customers shopping across categories as they trust Amazon as their preferred online shopping destination.”

Mother to a 1-year old boy, Singh is still learning to juggle between changing diapers, chasing a toddler, meetings, and reviews. When she is not managing Prime Engagement or being mom-in-chief, she likes to exercise, read, maintain journals, cook, and watch TV shows - strictly Prime Videos only.

Work culture that resembles the Indian Navy

Before joining Amazon India, Arun Kumar Singh spent 10 years in the Indian Navy
Before joining Amazon India, Arun Kumar Singh spent 10 years in the Indian Navy

After serving 10 years in the Indian Navy, Arun Kumar Singh, Director Operations, Sort Center-Regional Management, took his first steps into the corporate world in 2012. As an Operations Officer and certified trainer in the Indian Navy, Arun planned and executed missions in complex and tense situations. He completed close to 2,000 hours of operational flying over sea on-board Indian Naval maritime aircraft accomplishing various strategic and tactical missions.

Over the last ten years, Arun has followed the same rigour, discipline and ownership to scale up Amazon India’s logistics operations. During this time, Arun has held multiple roles while moving up the corporate ladder. He credits his success to his learnings and experiences from the Navy as well as the support he received from Amazon India.

“While the working environment may differ, Amazon’s way of working is similar to the modus operandi of the Indian Navy. This coupled with the Day 1 culture made the transition seamless and I was fortunate to have some very good leaders and colleagues who helped me get a soft landing into the corporate world,” Arun said.

From a dark closet to a rainbow-coloured life

‘Insisting on higher standards’—Tanujit’s favourite leadership principle
‘Insisting on higher standards’—Tanujit’s favourite leadership principle

Tanujit (he/him) came out of the traditional stereotypes in life: A native of Kolkata, he couldn't see himself fitting into traditional sex and gender stereotypes.

Tanujit works as a Tools Program Manager for Payment Risk. In his position, he owns tools that help Amazon prevent bad-debt and have a risk-free environment for customers. As customer shopping peaks during the festive season, it is a crucial time for Tanujit and team to make sure a safe shopping experience is enabled.

He strongly resonates with ‘Insisting on higher standards’ leadership principle given his team’s focus on continually improving customer experience. “From the moment I joined Amazon, I was introduced to a completely different environment and culture. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with such a wonderful team who were so supportive and open-minded. I have made good friends in the workplace, when not working we often challenge each other in gaming,” he said.

Tanujit is also a member of Glamazon, an employee affinity group at Amazon.

Amazon leadership makes work ‘fun’

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Shipra says It’s always Day 1 at Amazon

Shipra Bansal, Customer Service Associate, CS Operations - VAR, Amazon India, joined Amazon after a long career break for personal commitments. After the haul, she is back at the professional arena with more vigor and enthusiasm.

Speaking about her experience, Shipra said, "Amazon has given me a platform to showcase my talent. Above all, working with such a wonderful team and a supportive manager makes work more fun. Working in virtual customer service allows me to have a fair balance between my work and personal life. I have time for my family as well as for myself.”

Elaborating on her work during the festive season, Shipra said, “During the festive season, we interact with a lot of customers and address their queries about the deals, offers and payment modes, etc."

It’s always Day 1 at Amazon. Every day, Amazon employees and associates are motivated to do the best work of their careers and delight customers in new ways.