Amazon is always known to push boundaries when it comes to delivering a package to our customers. We will travel across mountains, oceans and rivers to deliver our customer orders and now we’ve even decided to take our talents underwater. That’s right! Underwater package delivery.

The story? Sit down for this one, because we’ve got a fun little story to tell. On Oct 10th, 2017, another normal day worldwide, one particular delivery boy from Amazon decided to do something that’s never been done before – Dive underwater and deliver a package. Arun Kumar Pandey, a delivery associate who also moonlights as a diver decided to marry his work and passion for one, unique delivery.


Keep Innovating

A willing customer Mohsin in Havelock islands was totally up for the idea. So out came the diving gear from the man of the hour who took the well-wrapped parcel (we’re not going to deliver wet parcels now, are we?) and plunged 5 meters underwater. The parcel was attached with weights to help it penetrate underwater. Soon, the package was with the customer and we’ve the pictures to prove that this unique delivery was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History

Amazonians swear by the mantra of Work hard, Have fun and Make history and Arun made history by diving 5 meters underwater to deliver a package. The depth of commitment - see what we did there ;) - to complete this feat helped him become the first delivery associate of Amazon to successfully attempt an underwater delivery in the picturesque and beautiful Indian island of Andamans. innovating

An unimaginable experience

Mohsin says ‘I'm still short of words to thank the Amazon team for making such an unimaginable experience actually possible! It was an exhilarating and exciting experience. I'm glad to be a part of something like this. Truly Amazon goes an extra mile to deliver smiles, and this time underwater!"
Well, we are super happy too, because now not only do we know the heights of happiness, we kinda know its depth too!

Future Ready

Having fun at work is what makes ideas flow freely and this deep dive was a result of that apart from of course taking customer obsession to another level. Whether or not we’ll ever need to deliver a parcel underwater is up for debate (Actually, sleeping with the fish with exotic corals doesn’t sound too bad), but one thing is for sure – whatever the future brings, Amazon will improvise, innovate and overcome any challenge thrown at us!