On the India visit kick off

The last four days have been incredible, as soon as Jeff landed he went to Rajghat and paid his respects to Mahatma Gandhi. It was a very purposeful moment. Just him being there observing a minute of silence and paying respects. He had a chance to fly kites with kids. It was also the occasion of Makar Sankranti so it was very exciting to see him take lessons from the kids and figure out strategies on how to be more effective at flying kites!

On the spirit of India

Jeff gets super excited about street food and we got to have him see how gol gappas taste like...and out here in Mumbai he even went to the Chowpatty beach and had coconut water...great visuals of seeing Jeff enjoy the true spirit of India and the true energy of India.

On Smbhav 2020

We had the SMB summit where I was very fortunate to have had a chance to host a fireside chat and have a conversation with him. Super exciting for SMBs in India. I mean this is a very bold prediction that he made about how this is going to be the Indian century. And we know that SMBs being such a core part, it is the entrepreneurial spirit of this country! And to accelerate that vision he announced a billion dollars of incremental investment that we are going to use towards digitising 10 million micro, small businesses and local shops. And we believe that these efforts are going to create 1 million jobs in the country and are going to increase exports to 10 billion dollars by 2025. I am so excited. Its great for our customers, its great for our SMBs.

On the Prime Video Event

We had a Prime Video event, it was a star studded event. It's kinda one of those things that is unforgettable. There were several fun moments. He had a fireside chat with the great Shahrukh Khan, Zoya Akhtar on the stage. Lots of fun on the stage and he talked about how great Prime Video is doing. And how Amazon is going to double down on investing in original content.

On I Have Space and D&I

Jeff got to visit I Have Space centre through which we allow local shops to become our delivery partners. Very moving experience that he had with the store owner and how Amazon is helping him to create additional income for his kids and other purposes. He also got to visit the delivery station. People don't really know that we actually hire and train deaf associates to be part of our Delivery Stations. The managers at the delivery station learn sign language so that they can communicate with these associates and make them feel included. So again very touching moment out there.

On a personal note...

But i think to top it all for me personally, a very humbling moment for me was when Jeff met my father and had dinner with him. Very wonderful and kind gesture on his behalf and you know I'll take it back as a fond memory for myself

On the overall trip

All in all fabulous trip. He had fun, we had fun, great for customers, great for SMBs. Truly inspiring moments and he reminded us why it’s always Day 1!