Amazon Prime Day 2022 in India was a success, thanks to all Amazon employees, who went above and beyond to ensure that our Prime members, sellers, brand partners, small businesses and community discovered joy.

Amazon Prime Day is a celebratory event for Prime members, sellers and brand partners. In India, it came to a successful close this past weekend (July 23-24). Prime members across India discovered joy at the two-day celebration with the best deals, savings, new launches, blockbuster entertainment, and more. Members from 95% of the pin codes in India made purchases during this year’s Amazon Prime Day, and over 27,000 sellers saw their highest ever sales day.

This two-day event was powered by Amazon's employees across various teams who worked together to make it a success. It was as special for Amazon employees as it was for customers and sellers.

In an effort to make a worthwhile Amazon Prime Day experience for customers, some of the employees shared their experiences on what happened behind the scenes to make it a successful event.

Abhinav Agarwal - Director, Amazon India Prime

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The best part of Amazon Prime Day is hundreds of team members from various parts of Amazon coming together to organize the biggest festival for our Prime members. This level of collaboration not only builds strong bonds between teams but also fosters creativity and new ideas which lead to innovation.

My most memorable experience in the last two months was the unveiling of Amazon Prime Day at midnight on July 23rd. After a long time, we all were in the same room dialing up Amazon Prime Day for our customers. The josh and excitement in the room were palpable and we will for sure carry this momentum forward to the rest of the year.

I recently relocated to India after spending 11 years with Amazon’s Operations and worldwide Advertising teams in Seattle, Washington. My journey at Amazon is a great example of the diverse opportunities that Amazon has to offer to build a career path of your choice- one that excites you and pushes you to continuously learn. I have also loved my transition to India. I have found the same degree of zeal, teamwork, inventiveness, empathy, and comfort as I did in Seattle. The prevalent culture across all levels and regions is true 'Day One' culture.

Abhinav Kapoor - Senior Product Manager, Amazon Prime

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This was my first work-from-office experience for Amazon Prime Day. This time, face-to-face communication and enhanced coordination within our teams helped us foster enthusiasm towards the Amazon Prime Day event. The enthusiasm and excitement running in the team during the last few days of Amazon Prime Day was similar to that during the last over being bowled for a nail-biting cricket world cup final.

Our team’s key responsibility is to provide the best experience for customers to join Prime. For this Amazon Prime Day, we launched various new experiences and enhancements to ensure our customers get the best experience while joining Prime. I am grateful that our team left no stone unturned to deep dive and innovate to launch new and better experiences for our customers till the very last day before Amazon Prime Day. It brings a big smile to our face when we see customers use and appreciate the newly launched experiences to join Prime in a frictionless manner during Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is a great place to learn and grow. Personally, Amazon Prime Day provided me with a platform to learn new skills as I got the opportunity to work on diverse and new projects. Amazon Prime Day also gave me a lot of opportunities to not only grow professionally but also helped me make new work friends and grow personally. Eagerly now waiting for the next Amazon Prime Day!”

Akshay Ahuja - Director - Consumer Electronics, Personal Computing, and Large Appliances

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The ‘ownership’ principle is what drives events of this magnitude, such as Amazon Prime Day. We are able to deliver such an event as teams work cross-functionally to serve our customers.

You feel as if you are in a control room where teams do their best to get a great start, take quick decisions, solve problems, and monitor customer satisfaction.

Our team handles a variety of categories, ranging from wearable devices to gaming devices. During Amazon Prime Day's final week, excitement was at an all-time high. They worked round the clock to consolidate partnerships, forge new relations, bring the best influencers, and launch an array of new products, shows, and features. The grand success of Amazon Prime Day 2022 is proof of the dedication behind the scenes.

The teams did an excellent job and never let energy and planning fall behind.

Amit Rajendra Yeole - Program Manager, IN-Prime

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It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to contribute my efforts to Amazon Prime Day 2022. In the two months leading up to Amazon Prime Day, I lived by the guidance and vision of Amazon's senior leadership.

My responsibilities included deal creation, pre-booking, and rewards programs across multiple categories and POCs. A differentiating factor was learning internal processes, tools, and resolving issues across categories.

Customer obsession has remained the biggest motivator for our team throughout Amazon Prime Day. Each year, we strive to enhance and improve the customer experience. It motivated us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and achieve all our goals.

Weekly standups and daily huddles were conducted within teams to improve synchronization. As a result of our shared motivation, we were more committed to the event and its success. In every moment, there was a lesson to be learned. It was an experience that will last a lifetime.

Ananda Bhattacharya - Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon Prime

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For me, Amazon Prime Day was a source of hope and optimism, especially as the COVID-19 outbreak appears to be gradually diminishing. Amazon Prime Day 2022 has dispelled all the pandemic-induced gloom. Its success demonstrates how it has wowed our customers with special shopping offers, the introduction of new products, and the release of blockbuster video and music entertainment.

As a Marketing Lead, my team and I were responsible for #PoweringPrimeDay. And we made sure that customers had an effortless onsite experience. My team also collaborated with our traffic channel partners, mass marketing channels, and other stakeholders to ensure we reach maximum audiences with our messages around Amazon Prime Day. Our teams worked hard and smart to make this Amazon Prime Day more rewarding for our Prime members.

As this mega event is now wrapped, I would love to put my feet up for a few days and enjoy some leisure time to read, binge on shows and movies and indulge in all my Amazon Prime Day purchases. If time permits, I would also like to take a short trip to the hills to unwind and decompress after months of hard work.

Anirudha Rathi - Senior Program Manager, Prime Events

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Amazon Prime Day is one of Amazon's key annual event. It is the time when all the employees get together, explore new opportunities, learn from the senior leadership, and drive innovation to improve our customer's shopping experiences.

In my role as a senior program manager, this Amazon Prime Day held a special place, since it was the first Prime event I managed. The opportunity to be at the helm of affairs and anchor the control room invigorated me, broaden my perspective as a leader, and inculcated a sense of ownership. Consequently, I had to ensure the end-to-end execution of all management activities related to Prime. Thanks to my resilient team and stakeholders, the execution went smoothly and swiftly. Throughout the new initiatives we launched, they were a pillar of camaraderie and support. During the two days of Amazon Prime Day, we made sure that customers got the best deals, exciting new selection, and entertainment avenues via Prime Video and Music.

One of the most poignant lessons I learned on Amazon Prime Day was how to manage stakeholders. Through this experience, I learned how to align expectations across the board and deliver on the promises made to everyone. As a result, we mitigated risks, resolved issues on time and continuously improved customer experience. Our efforts were well rewarded with the responses we received during the event.

Arindam Ganguly - Lead, Supply Chain, Amazon India

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Amazon Prime Day holds a special place at Amazon India as its flagship event. A key aspect of the event is the supply chain. To ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly, a great deal of strategic planning is required.

In my role as a supply chain leader, I'm constantly on my toes and keep an eye on the overall horizon of transportation and delivery. It involves managing order volumes, transportation loads, freight, mode of transportation, and speed of delivery, among others. The speed of delivery remains the primary focus. It continues to be advanced through the application of technology and the efforts of people.

Our office was open during Amazon Prime Day 2022, so we were able to establish faster collaboration and address issues on time. Our last-minute anxiety and stress were reduced as a result. It was a pleasure working with the team during the buildup phase. This stir created after the two-year COVID-19 lockdown was refreshing.

We witnessed a variety of challenges during Amazon Prime Day 2022, and everyone offered solutions. The biggest challenge was the arrival of the monsoon. This means water inundation in parts of the country, which leads to bottle-neck jams and slow deliveries. So, we strategized and devised unique plans to resolve the crisis and carry out unhindered deliveries. As part of this, we constantly inform our customers about delays, invest in transport services, and maintain warehouses in different parts of the city. Maintaining transparency with our customers regarding delivery status was a priority for us.

We have finally seen all the numbers come through in terms of units and how successful the event was. We will keep that same level of vigor that led to the success of Amazon Prime Day 2022 and carry it onto another Amazon Prime Day.

Faizan Ali - Software Development Manager, Amazon

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As part of the India Prime team, I work in various prime segments like acquisition, retention, and engagement. My team manages Amazon Prime Day-related activities wherein we ensure that our systems are scaled, operational, and well-functioning to secure the best customer experience.

We also ensured that all our technical systems were ready to handle the huge traffic that we were expecting. Many technical changes were made before time to ensure faster resolution of issues. The team also worked on the UPI e-mandate, enabling a frictionless Prime buying experience.

Amazon Prime Day aligns with various key qualities and strengths, and through relentless innovation and automation, we aim to take customer experience to the next level.

Namita Kulkarni - Marketing Manager, Amazon

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I have been associated with Amazon for four years, and Amazon Prime Day 2022 was my fifth Amazon Prime Day experience. As an employee, I have gained more insights into customer expectations and realized that each customer experience is different. Offering the latest products, deals and some of the best entertainment altogether is an excellent way of serving customers, but it is important to ensure that these are the offerings that our customers genuinely desire. So, as a team, we focus more on customer centricity strategy to ensure customer delight.

Amazon Prime Day to me is special as it allows my teammates and me to contribute our ideas and diligence as a compound effort that eventually delights so many customers.

Nandini Kapur - Sr Product Marketing Manager, Amazon Homepage

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The Amazon Prime Day event unites Amazon's teams across the globe. Our collective efforts result in a strong sense of belonging. Such events open us up to cross-functional and global exposure, accelerate our learning curve, and help us grow both professionally and personally.

My team is responsible for the Homepage, which is at the heart of the e-commerce platform. A two-day extravaganza starts two months in advance for us. My team helps decide event priorities, and I work very closely with teams across Amazon India, and worldwide to build a comprehensive experience on Amazon Homepage. This includes planning what we launch for our customers and ensuring that our tech remains consistently robust to handle the millions of clicks across the Amazon site during the sale.

For Amazon Prime Day 2022, one of our biggest challenges was how to best showcase all the categories, benefits, content and offers planned for our customers. But we were well-prepared & confident that our customers would Discover Joy this Amazon Prime Day.

What I like best about being a part of the core Events team, is the exposure and experience it provides, given the strategic thinking, and detailed planning that goes behind launching such large-scale events. It is quite amazing to work in a team that is customer obsessed, goal-oriented and aims to transform into changemakers with the potential to upend the market – AND have mad fun while doing all that.

Nishita Tibrewala - Marketing Manager, Amazon Fuse

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Amazon Prime Day is one of the most important events for the Amazon Fuse team. It brings a lot of teams together and in a way inculcates the value of belongingness in all of us to spin the Amazon flywheel faster. Amazon Prime Day 2022 took this feeling to a deeper level as we huddled for weeks together as a team across offices and geographies to align internal and external stakeholders on the plan of action. Our ‘bias for action’ was brought to the fore closer to the event days as we ramped up campaigns one after the other.

The energy we brought to Amazon Prime Day was in sync with that of our partners. This helped us in aligning their teams faster, securitizing more efforts per partner through additional augmented marketing elements and bandwidth. By doing so, we were able to deliver above and beyond expectations.

It was a truly memorable experience for us with all the planning, hustling and finally executing the plan in its entirety. Our unrelenting efforts made Amazon Prime Day 2022 one of Amazon India's most successful events to date.

Now that Amazon Prime Day is over, I am kicking back and binge-watching all the shows and series we released.

Pallavi Singh - Lead, Amazon Prime Day

Pallavi Singh says 'Earn Trust' is her favourite Amazon leadership principle
Pallavi Singh says 'Earn Trust' is her favourite Amazon leadership principle

I associate Amazon Prime Day with a personal milestone. It was just two days after Amazon Prime Day 2021 that I delivered my first child. Although I had the option to go on leave, I stayed behind to be a part of Amazon Prime Day last year and see everything through. The work culture at Amazon and the constant support from my team enabled me to maintain a good work-life harmony.

I again participated in the hullabaloo and excitement of planning and executing this year’s Amazon Prime Day. To pull off this successful event, my team and I had to ensure we towards streamlining the customer experience, put together a plan for creating unmatched shopping & entertainment benefit for members and solve all last-minute challenges getting into the event.

Now that Amazon Prime Day 2022 is over, I am looking forward to taking a break and celebrating the first birthday of my Amazon Prime Day baby.

Rahul Sarnobat - Lead, Amazon Prime Delivery

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From a delivery and shipment perspective, Prime events are a key event for Amazon. In this period, we continue to improve our customer experience and evolve our business.

In order to keep up with the delivery promises made to customers during Amazon Prime Day, our journey starts immediately after we complete the preceding Amazon Prime Day. Our delivery services are bolstered throughout the year in order to achieve this vision. We also continuously strive to improve our systems, shopping experience, strategies, and fulfilment services to continue raising the bar on customer promises.

In my 10 years at Amazon, I have observed the graph going only upward when it comes to making effective and efficient deliveries. We have gone from delivering within weeks to delivering on the same day.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, more than half of the working crowd moved to non-metro areas. As a result, we invested further to materially improve the delivery services in non-metro cities on Amazon Prime Day 2021 to accommodate our migrated customers. The internal and external teams were well-prepared for Amazon Prime Day months in advance. As a result, Amazon Prime Day 2022 was a success.

As cliché as it may sound, customer obsession was my leadership principle during Amazon Prime Day. Even though it sounds easy, it is the most challenging one to adhere to, especially in a fast-paced world where consumers have a plethora of choices. Additionally, we continue to build on our 'ownership' on top of customer obsession. Owning and getting things done ultimately leads us forward by ensuring we deliver our best efforts.

Sanjeev Kumar - Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon Prime India

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In my role as Senior Marketing Manager, I was responsible for the execution and dissemination of new Amazon Prime Day 2022 launches. It was an exciting experience coordinating with multiple teams and stakeholders to make Amazon Prime Day this year the largest shopping event for Prime members. Managing multiple stakeholders and balancing empathy with proactively escalating misses helped us ensure the smooth execution of Amazon Prime Day this year.

While Amazon Prime Day is an annual celebration for Prime members, the team is already working to document and leverage the learnings. In light of this due diligence, we seamlessly adapted and customized our execution to ensure we captured the ongoing shift in customer behavior. During the two days of Amazon Prime Day, we continuously incorporated customer feedback from our customer research.

Customers were treated to several firsts this Amazon Prime Day, including ‘Shop and Win every hour, ‘Happiest Hour’, and over 500 top brands launching new products exclusively for Prime members. The lead-up to this year’s Amazon Prime Day was not only filled with deals and offers, but Prime members also enjoyed blockbuster entertainment.

The most exciting part of prepping for Amazon Prime Day is seeing everything come together at 00:00 hours on day 0 of Amazon Prime Day. Having everything click seamlessly to make this the largest shopping event for Prime members makes all the sleepless nights worth it.

Saquib Soudagar - Onsite Marketing Manager, Amazon

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 was another success that made customers' shopping experience a notch higher.

Great customer service not just increases customer retention but also ups the company's value. Therefore, we sincerely care about our customers' needs and believe in fulfilling them as a priority.

I co-led the marketing goals for Amazon Prime Day this year along with other marketing manager and drove onsite and offsite optimization by building marketing campaigns. My team and I also collaborated with many stakeholders to uplift the customer experience. Amazon Prime Day is much more than the event itself. As the impact of our dedication and hard work doesn't end with Amazon Prime Day, customer engagement continues to grow even after the event is over.

The last 2-3 months were crucial for our team as we worked on various Amazon Prime Day functions and strategic financial objectives. The successful outreach of this event has helped us with valuable insights on how we can add more value to the customer experience and continue to win more customers throughout the year.

Steffi Fernandes - Storefront Marketing Lead, Amazon Prime Video India

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For me, Amazon Prime Day is all about delighting our customers. For this, we typically start preparations months in advance to ensure our lineup has diversity across languages and genres. Each customer is special and we want to ensure that we have something for every customer. As part of the plan to delight customers, this year, Prime Video curated a slate of 9 Amazon Prime Day Specials including the latest movies and Amazon Originals across languages. Additionally, our team developed a variety of marketing strategies to help drive awareness of Amazon Prime Day dates, and Prime shipping benefits and help create excitement about Amazon Prime Day deals among our customers.

We want to ensure that Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest annual celebration for Prime members and something that all Prime members look forward to by making them feel special and helping them to discover joy. This Joy can be derived from the joy of savings, the anticipation of great deals, immersing themselves into the latest entertainment, discovering new launches, the satisfaction of supporting local businesses and more.

Customers are at the center of everything we do. This helps ensure that all our actions, goals, programs, plans and inventions reflect the needs and demands of the customer as well as focus on the benefit that customers can derive.

As I worked on Amazon Prime Day this year, It was exciting as well as inspiring to see the amount of synergy across teams who get a ton of work done while continuing to insist on the highest standards and keeping customer obsession at the core.